Click here to download the 2021 iPourIt Report! See the most-poured beers and wines, plus insights and trends based on 49+ million ounces of pour data.

Why wait for a drink?

We’d rather skip the line and pour it ourselves.  That’s why we created the iPourIt self-pour platform.  Pour what you want, when you want.

Why wait for a drink?

We’d rather skip the line and pour it ourselves. That’s why we created the iPourIt self-pour platform – socially distant, less wait time, more fun.

iPourIt self-serve draft technology

Self Service Bar and Wine Dispenser Machines

iPourIt is a first-of-its-kind technology that revolutionized the beverage service experience for business operators and their customers by allowing users to pour themselves an array of draft beverages like beer, wine, mixed drinks, cold brew coffee, and more. It’s beverage service made better.

Self-pour in 3 simple steps



Scan your ID and swipe a payment card to check-in. Grab an RFID (wristband, Touchless Tap Key, etc.) and a glass.


Pour up

Explore your options, choose a beverage and use your RFID to activate the tap and track your tab. Pour as little or as much as you like.



Simply tap your RFID to pull up your tab and quickly check-out. Pay only for what you poured.

Lots of fun for patrons.
Lots of benefits for operators.

Staffing Needs

Alcohol Sales

Keg Waste

Your Business

Check-in quick,
Explore & pour,
Pay from your phone.

Now it’s even easier and more fun to enjoy your favorite beverages.

Self-Pour Markets

Taproom to grocery store, iPourIt self-pour technology is the perfect differentiator for your business.

Add an automatic revenue generator to your business

Meet our new line-up of stand-alone, self-contained self-pour kiosk systems. Quick turnaround. Low overhead. No construction or additional labor required.

Self-pour power tools

With iPourIt, support doesn’t stop with customer care. Our entire team is dedicated to providing the tools and answers you need to succeed with self-pour.


Start tracking keg aging upon delivery and see exactly how much product is left in each keg at all times.

Business Intelligence

The only BI tool available for self-pour operators, with preset reporting options, customizable to your needs.


First time operator? Our team of experts is here to coach you through every step.


Create automated schedules for happy hour discounts, daily promotions and more.

“We couldn’t be more impressed with the versatility and reliability.”

Ramon Ballester
Co-Owner, Pour Taproom Atlanta

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See 2021's top beers & wines

Download the 2021 Pour Report to see the most-poured styles and products across all of the iPourIt tap walls. Plus handy insights and trends based on 49+ million ounces of pour data.