2021 iPourIt Pour Report

The iPourIt GEN 4 platform runs on exclusive self-pour software that collects and records data for every ounce poured. It’s the only solution on the market that offers operators access to valuable consumer data from their location.  Using TapVision™, our custom-built business intelligence platform, iPourIt operators can use handy preset reports to slice and dice the data and make informed decisions on product selection, pricing, special promotions, staffing, and more.

Our 2021 Pour Report includes rare on-premise data and trends based on information gathered from all of the iPourIt tap walls operating across the US in 2021. Download your free copy for access to comprehensive data from over 49 million ounces poured through iPourIt self-pour systems, plus trends and valuable insights into consumer preference, demographics, and revenue generation.

The report includes:

  • The top most-poured styles overall
  • The top 50 craft & micro-brew products 
  • The top 15 IPA’s, Lagers, Ciders, Seltzers + more
  • The top red wines, white wines, and rosés
  • The most popular styles and products broken down by gender

See some of the highlights in the video below!