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Learn how iPourIt technology helps you manage your beer inventory.  

As a bar owner, you are tasked with many complex processes, including keg inventory management. This task is a difficult one, varying in accuracy and efficiency. There are several tactics that many operators use, and many of those are broken methods, such as the “lift-and-guess” method*. However, with the iPourIt technology, you get accurate real-time inventory reports and notifications that benefit both your bar efficiencies and the patron experience.

How does this affect the operator experience?

iPourIt’s real-time inventory technology feature is a visual gauge that shows the remaining amount in a keg on the iPourIt Enterprise Server, Management Workstation, and all tap screens.

The system recognizes how much is left in a keg by using our meters. When the operator assigns a keg to a tap in the admin dashboard, the keg size is required. As patrons pour from that tap, the iPourIt system deducts the ounces from the keg by keeping track of the ounces flowing through the meter. This gives you a real-time update of what is left in the keg. The ounces are visible in the “On Tap” section of the admin dashboard. 

ipourit beer inventory dashboard

On the Admin Dashboard, you can see, in real-time, the amount left in a keg and when a keg is about to empty. Rather than going into your cooler and checking each keg, you can quickly and efficiently see your remaining inventory on one screen. iPourIt also sends notifications to the tap tablet and Management Work Station when a keg is low.

Knowing exactly what you have in inventory helps you save time, and helps you save money. It prevents you from over- or under-ordering beer and gives you reports to accurately forecast for future orders. Tracking inventory and ordering beer, which was once a daunting task, is now a simple process.

How does it affect the patron experience?

Not only can the operator see the amount left in a keg, but the patron can also see the gauge on the tap screens. This creates a sense of urgency to your patrons, giving them an incentive to pour their ounces before the keg runs out. Patrons can also see when you tap in a new keg.

The notification that is sent to the tap screen will alert the patron and the staff. If a patron attempts to pour off an empty keg, the light on the tap screen will flash green to indicate it recognizes the RFID device. Then, the light bar will remain a solid red light to alert the staff. 

The real-time inventory tool is an iPourIt-exclusive feature. We can say in confidence that we are the only self-serve dispense company that provides our own inventory management tool with a visual gauge, real-time reports, and notifications without using a third-party hardware device.

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*Source: https://steadyserv.com/blog/manage-draft-inventory/


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