10 Unique Promotions to Attract Customers to Your Self-Serve Taproom or Bar

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Looking for ways to attract more patrons? We found 10 unique promotions some of our top operators are implementing with their self-serve beer wall.

Having a self-serve beer wall gives your business a differentiating factor. But how are you going to market this unique concept? Everyone has seen the typical bar events and promotions, such as Trivia Night, Tap Takeovers and Live Music. They are all fun marketing tactics. However, your neighbor down the street is already doing it!

Some of our top performing operators are getting creative. We found 10 unique and fun marketing and promotion ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Whistle & Keg

Youngstown, Ohio

whistle and keg books and brews

Event: Books & Brews

About: Books & Brews is the beer club for book lovers and meets monthly at Whistle & Keg. Each month, a different book is discussed. Anyone participating in Books & Brews book club discussion receives 15% off of drinks!

Grace in Growlers

Kailua, Hawaii

grace in growlers ipad blackout

Event: iPad Blackout – Bling Tasting

About: This is a fun and interesting night for patrons. Grace in Growlers black out all of their tap screens, allowing patrons to taste their way through each beer on the wall. After tasting the beers, patrons can win a prize if they correctly identify each beer with the provided list. They do this on the last Wednesday of each month.

Brewport Tap House

El Segundo, California

brewport wine academy

Event: Brewport Wine Academy

About: Wine Academy is now a regularly featured event at Brewport Tap House. They bring in a wine expert or sommelier from a winery that is currently pouring on tap. They pour samples to taste, give background on wine that’s tapped, and answer questions patrons might have. It costs $10 for non-dining patrons, and cheese and crackers are provided. You can even offer a special food menu to attendees and wine specials all night.

First Draft


first draft denver lager party

Event: Lager Party

About: First Draft celebrated the Great American Beer Festival with multiple events, including a Lager Party. They tapped in some of the best craft lagers in the country from 14 breweries, including some specialty beers. This was for one night only, creating urgency and limited time options.


Charlotte, North Carolina

hoppin' wine wednesday and music bingo

Event: Wine Wednesday & Music Bingo

About: Hoppin’ pairs Wine Wednesday and Music Bingo every week with $1 ounces of all wine, prosecco and rose. Music bingo is a fast-paced take on traditional bingo. A DJ is your host and plays 10-15 second clips of music. It’s a fun way to get patrons in the door and engaged!

Oak & Stone

University Park

oak and stone bumpers and brews

Event: Bumpers and Brews

About: Patrons can enjoy seeing unique automobiles while tasting some brews. Oak & Stone reserved parking spaces for people who wanted to show off their wheels and invited patrons to bring their cool cars as well. At this event, they sold raffle tickets to raise funds for a local charity.

The Commons

Chico, California

the commons chico brew flow

Event: Brew Flow

About: The Commons partners with a local yoga instructor and invites patrons to a 45-minute Vinyasa flow yoga class with 16 ounces of beer or 5 ounces of wine at the end. They sell tickets beforehand and at the door!


Maplewood, Missouri

tapped charity of the week

Event: Tapped Charity of the Week

About: Tapped works with a lot of local charities and engages with the community on a regular basis. The Charity of the Week focuses on a local charity each week and 100% of the tips go to that specific charity!

Barrel Republic

Oceanside, California

barrel republic paint nite

Event: Paint Nite

About: Work with a third-party, Paint Nite, to invite patrons to come in and paint and drink. Sell tickets beforehand on social media and include discounts on drinks for attendees.

Stanley Beer Hall

Aurora, Colorado

stanley beer hall bachelorette viewing party

Event: Bachelorette Viewing Party

About: Use current trends to your advantage. Stanley Beer Hall hosted a Bachelorette viewing party because part of the episode was filmed at Stanley Marketplace! Attendees received a free glass of rosé when they arrived, as well as a rose and four chocolates. Rosé was ½ off all night long.

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