Self-serve beer walls by iPourIt

iPourIt met with Canadian Pizza Magazine at the 2019 Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, and they were nothing short of impressed.

*Original Source: Canadian Pizza Magazine

An interactive, on-premise, self-service beer and wine experience from iPourIt is promoting consumer choice and sampling.
The company, which had its system on display at Pizza Expo, has installed the wall in numerous licensed restaurants in the U.S. and is working with a handful of operators in Canada to adapt it to Canadian requirements. To use the wall, a customer opens a tab by presenting a credit card and driver’s license to the operator to be scanned. They’re then assigned an RFID wristband or card and may pour up to 32 ounces of beer, 12 ounces of wine, or any combination of the two (ounce limits are programmable).

The patron can browse beverage selections by viewing the iPourIt Taplet, a digital screen located on top of every tap. Each Taplet includes information such as beverage name, type, brewer, description, ABV, IBU and price per ounce.

Staff check in on patrons using a management work station featuring patented software that authenticates their driver’s licence and confirms they are of age. This technology uses an algorithm that collects valuable demographic data for the operator, including gender, age, and zip code. This is aggregate data used to assign a unique ID for each patron (data is not used for tracking individual consumption).

According to the company website, the technology has proven to increase revenue and drive profitability through efficient use of space and lower operating costs for restaurants.

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