10 best new breweries and bars in Charlotte

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Hoppin’, a self-serve taproom using iPourIt technology, makes Charlotte Agenda’s list of Top 10 New Breweries and Bars in Charlotte.

Charlotte Agenda, a news source for young, intelligent tastemakers, named the top 10 breweries and bars in Charlotte. The owner-operator media company covers stories supporting local brands. In the last twelve months, Charlotte Agenda tracked 100+ openings. Many new businesses have popped up in Charlotte, N.C., including Hoppin’. 

Hoppin’ made the Top 10 list, and iPourIt is excited to be part of their success! Check out the full list below.

About Hoppin’

Hoppin’ is the first and only self-serve taproom in Charlotte, N.C. It offers a selection of craft beer, wine, and cider in a minimalist bi-level space. With over 60 self-serve taps, Hoppin’ allows patrons to discover and enjoy new flavors and tastes while relaxing with friends and family. Enjoy fresh air and a cold drink with Hoppin’s large garage door that opens to a large patio with a skyline view. To learn more about Hoppin’, check out their website or social media!

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