Action bar with self-serve cocktails opening near Plaza Midwood — will have archery tag and 22 virtual reality booths

coliseum v

Coliseum V, a self-described “action bar,” plans to open this June in a 13,000-square-foot space near Plaza Midwood. It’ll offer Hoppin’-style self serve booze, archery tag and 22 virtual reality booths.

*Original Source: Charlotte Agenda

“This took me two and half years to put together and make come to life,” owner Philip McHugh told me. It’s unique, and I totally believe him.

The open warehouse-style space is divided into three main areas: bar/lounge, action field and virtual reality bays. Separating the action field and virtual reality area you’ll find a refurbished double-decker bus with Paris-style cafe seating on both levels where you can sip self-pour cocktails while watching participants. “The action field is a theater,” said Philip.

Bar/Lounge: Expect more than 60 Hoppin’-style self-pour taps with pre-mixed cocktails, beer, wine, champagne and non-alcoholic beverages. Yes, unlike Hoppin’ and Pour, it’ll have cocktails — which means Coliseum V will have a membership program to meet alcohol laws (like Dot Dot Dot). It will not serve food, but expect food trucks in its giant parking lot.

Action field: Expect games to rotate on the 4,000-square-foot action field with green astroturf. The first game will be archery tag, a combat-style game that combines dodgeball and archery. No, I’m not joking. Groups will be divided into two teams and each player will be given a helmet and archery bow that shoots arrows with soft dodgeball-like tips.

Virtual reality booths: There will be 22 10-by-10 virtual reality booths. Coliseum V isn’t messing around and will invest about $250,000 in the virtual reality system, provided by Ctrl V. Guests will have more than 100 games to choose from, and they can all play in the same game, which is really cool.

You can reserve the action field and virtual reality booths in 30-minute increments.

Coliseum V is targeting an early June grand opening. The exact address is 2801 E. Independence Blvd. (across the highway from Bojangles’ Coliseum). We’ll keep you posted as construction wraps up and Coliseum has more details.

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