Bethel Park’s ‘Clubhouse’ First In State To Offer Self-Serve Alcohol

cool springs clubhouse

At Cool Springs Athletic Club, you can pay by the pour and sample more brews from 24 self-serve taps in the Clubhouse.

*Original Source: KDKA Radio

The clubhouse at Cool Springs in Bethel Park is home to something you won’t be able to find publically anywhere else in Pennsylvania, a self-serving bar that eliminates waiting a long time for a drink.

Erin Remaley with Cool Springs says one her colleagues brought the “iPourit” technology back from the West Coast and they liked the idea so much they installed in in their Clubhouse.

How it works:

“You check in and you explore,” said Remaley. “It takes all of 30 seconds or less, you come in, show an ID and provide a credit or debit card . . . and you get a little chip on a card and you go over to our wall and we’ve got 24 taps and four of those are wine the rest are beer . . . you just got up, tap the screen and you pour your own beer.”

She adds they hope to add more taps that will include beverages like hard ciders and others in the future.

 Remaley adds they charge by the ounce and that gives drinkers the opportunity to try a different type of beverage they may not usually try.

“For me, if I want to be daring and get an IPA but it has 8 percent alcohol and I’m not sure if it’s the right one for me, I just want to do a sip, I want to pour half an ounce, I only pay for the half an once so that way I can really expand my own pallet.

 The price by ounce varies from 30 cents to $1.35 depending on the percentage of alcohol.

The Clubhouse is currently open but they will have a full grand opening Monday April 22 when their full menu will also be available.

The Clubhouse is part of a larger area that boasts 170,000 square foot indoor sports complex, 57 driving range bays, a cardio fitness center and more.

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