Denver’s New Beer Spa Offers Beer Therapy Paired with Self-Pour Beer & Wine

Set to open next week, The Beer Spa by Snug features ten self-serve taps powered by iPourIt technology

DENVER, CO (February 18, 2021) – The Beer Spa by Snug, a new wellness spa offering therapeutic beer bath treatments, is opening in Denver’s Five Points neighborhood next week. The spa includes four private Beer Therapy Rooms and a high-tech relaxation lounge, alongside a ten-tap self-pour beer bar.

Each Beer Therapy Room features a cedar hot tub for hops, barley, and herb-infused hydrotherapy treatments, as well as an infrared sauna, rain shower, and relaxation deck. Beer Therapy Rooms can be reserved for one or two people per session and are available for 60-minutes at a time.


Guests can also unwind in a socially distanced zero-gravity massage chair in the spa’s space-themed relaxation lounge. The intelligent massage chairs are built with NASA-inspired technology and perform 4D body scans to deliver custom, professional-grade, full-body massages.

Owners and husband-and-wife team, Jessica French and Damien Zouaoui decided to collaborate on a new business and left their home in New York City to embark on a 14-month journey through 25 countries in search of innovative business concepts. When they discovered a beer spa in Zakopane, Poland, the entrepreneurial couple was inspired to create a modern wellness space that combines a day spa and a taproom into one.

French and Zouaoui carefully selected Denver as the home for their new business and are excited to be members of the growing Five Points community. The self-serve taproom will highlight local breweries with a monthly tap takeover program. Ratio Beerworks, located just a couple blocks away, will supply both the six beers on tap and the hops and barley used for the soaking baths for the first month. Gluten-free beer, cider, and red and white wine options will be available on the other four taps.


With the iPourIt self-pour system, guests can use RFID technology to pour and refill beverages on their own, serving as little or as much as they please. Insulated tumblers will be provided for use throughout the taproom and spa and a $10 tap wall credit is included with each Beer Therapy Room reservation.

“With such a technology-oriented concept, self-pour was a no-brainer for the taproom aspect of our business,” said Zouaoui. “Self-serve is the future and allowing customers to tap an RFID card and taste yummy beers at their leisure is such a cool thing. With iPourIt, we can see exactly how much is left in each keg and scan guests’ driver licenses for quick check-ins. It’s an amazing technology and will allow us to rely less on staffing, as well as reduce overhead in the long run.”

The Beer Spa is located at 3004 N. Downing Street, Denver, CO 80205 and reservations are now available for opening day Friday, February 26th and on. All therapy rooms and equipment are carefully cleaned and disinfected between uses to ensure the safety of guests and staff.


About The Beer Spa by Snug
The Beer Spa by Snug is a modern, beer-centric day spa in Denver, CO that invites you to “relax differently” with beer hydrotherapy treatments, high-tech zero gravity massage chairs, and a ten-tap self-pour taproom. Unwind with unique, alternative wellness therapies while enjoying hand-selected, local beer, wine, kombucha, and more. Make a reservation today at TheBeerSpa.com and follow @thebeerspa for updates!

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