Youngstown Revives an Important Piece of History With Self-Serve

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When the whistle blows in Downtown Youngstown, it’s time to wet your whistle at Whistle & Keg, Ohio’s newest self-serve beer and wine establishment.

Whistle & Keg, located in Youngstown, Ohio, has just opened its doors for business. Since then, crowds keep pouring in to experience the newest technology in all of Northeast Ohio: self-serve beer and wine. The bar features 44 self-serve iPourIt taps that offer traditional lagers, craft beer, and wine.

Joseph and Michael Thomas are brothers and owners of Whistle & Keg. To revive the historic value of an old milling town, the brothers acquired an original whistle from the famous Youngstown Sheet and Tube Mill. The whistle is mounted outside of the bar and goes off every day at noon when the bar opens, and at 4 p.m., when happy hour starts. If you’re around Youngstown, this certainly is an establishment to experience!

Video: Whistle & Keg Opens
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