Boost Your Business with These 10 Self-Pour Features

Our latest GEN 4 platform is built on almost a decade of experience in the market and it’s packed with tons of features designed to enhance the self-pour experience for operators and patrons.

We’ve partnered with hundreds of operators to launch successful concepts and we know exactly what makes self-pour more efficient for business owners and more enjoyable for their customers.

Unlike other providers, we develop everything in-house and we’re able to work these insights directly into our products with regular updates and software releases.

Elevate customer experience, streamline workflows, and boost beer wall profits with these ten intuitive features:

  • Membership Programs
  • Group Pay
  • Automated Discounts
  • Quick Beverage Add
  • Real-Time Inventory
  • Line Cleaning Logs
  • Easy Ounce Top-Up
  • ABV Conversion
  • Animated Beer Labels
  • Pouring Tutorial

Membership Programs

Tap wall memberships can be created in the iPourIt system to help promote brand loyalty and repeat business with guests. Here are a just few examples of ways that memberships can be configured:

→ Mug Club
Guests purchase a membership and get a discount on all pours or select pours

→ Ounce Club
Guests get a special prize or a discount on future pours once they reach a certain number of total lifetime ounces poured

→ Monthly Club
Guests pay each month for the ability to pour an allotted number of ounces each day

These handy programmable options make membership management a breeze:

  • Ounces to auto-enroll: Set a number of ounces for membership auto-enrollment. Once a patron hits the required number of ounces poured, they will automatically be enrolled in the selected membership upon their next check-in.
  • Ounces per day: Set a daily total for free ounces included with a Membership. Any additional ounces poured will be charged at the per ounce price.
  • Notify on check-in: A message pops up on the management workstation screen when a check is opened so you can acknowledge members upon check-in.
  • Days to auto-expire: Set the number of days to automatically remove an enrolled patron from a membership – useful for buy-in programs like year-long mug clubs that expire exactly 365 days from the date of purchase.
  • Expiration date: Set a specific date on which benefits expire – useful for annual “Season Pass” programs that expire at the end of the year, no matter which date a guest enrolls.

Group Pay

Group Pay is a special feature that allows the host of a party or a group to pay for a select number of pours for their guests.

The host can simply choose the number of ounces they’d like to cover for each person in their group upon check-in. Each guest will get their own personal RFID wristband, card, or TTK (Touchless Tap Key), to track their pours individually.

Then at checkout, all of the tabs can then be easily split into separate checks so guests can each pay for any pours beyond the number of ounces authorized by the host.

Automated Discounts

Gone are the days of watching the clock and manually managing pricing specials. iPourIt GEN 4 is the only self-pour system on the market that allows you to schedule specials and pricing discounts (Happy Hour, Wine Wednesday, etc.) to run automatically during preset times on specific days.

As soon as the clock hits the desired time on the desired day, per ounce pricing is automatically switched over in the system. Specified tap screens will update to display the discounted price versus the original price, urging patrons to grab a glass and take advantage of the deals.

Once time is up, pricing and tap screens will automatically switch back.

  • Now you and your staff can focus on guests instead of keeping an eye on the clock, and issues with unauthorized discounts are eliminated.
  • Let your specials run themselves:
  • Set specific days and times for pricing discounts and specials
  • Discount by specific product, product type, tap number, and more
  • A simple click sets it all in motion—specials start and stop automatically as programmed

No more manual programming or scrambling to set up for Happy Hour. Set it and forget it! Here are just some of the ways automated specials can be configured:

  • Happy Hour from 4 pm-6 pm every weekday with 20% off all pours
  • Wine Wednesday with 15% off white wine pours from 3 pm-6:30 pm and 15% off red wine pours from 6:30 pm-10 pm
  • Sunday Fun-Day from 1 pm-4 pm with Bud Light discounted to $2 per pint and Jack Daniels discounted to $3 per shot

Quick Beverage Add

Don’t get bogged down with manual data entry. With iPourIt SMARTS™ technology, you can quickly and easily add and swap out items on your tap wall. Choose from tens of thousands of optimized beverage profiles in the iPourIt library and UnTappd database so you don’t have to input details or track down images yourself.

Simply search for products right from the iPourIt Operator Dashboard and select the matching item with pre-populated beverage details (i.e. tasting notes, ABV, IBU, etc.) and a pre-formatted image. Then add the items to the tap wall with a single click and tap screens, menu boards, mobile apps, and webs pages will be updated automatically.

Real-Time Inventory

SMARTS™ Technology allows you to see the exact amount in each keg in real-time, right on the Operator Dashboard. Instead of going all the way into the cooler to manually lift and guess what’s left in every single keg, you can quickly access a complete snapshot of the remaining inventory from one screen.

The system also sends alerts to the dashboard to let you know when kegs are empty or running low. If a patron attempts to pour from an empty keg, the light at the top of the tap screen will turn red to alert the staff that it needs to be changed.

Real-time inventory management saves valuable time and money by allowing you to efficiently and accurately forecast for future orders and prevent unexpected issues with over or under-ordering.

This is an iPourIt-exclusive feature and we can say with confidence that we’re the only self-pour provider to offer our own inventory management tool with a visual gauge, automated reports, and keg level alerts —without relying on a third-party solution.

Line Cleaning Logs

The GEN 4 platform automatically logs your system’s cleaning records, so you and your staff can see a history of each time your beer lines were cleaned. Since every ounce is tracked, you can verify if the cleaning was done properly with the correct volume of water.

The system can generate a report showing the line cleaning status for each tap and which staff members performed the cleanings. It also sends friendly reminders when it’s time to clean the lines.

Self-Pour Pro Tips Blog Post: Keep Beer Lines Clean for Trouble-Free Draft System Operation and Fresh, Flavorful Beer

ABV Conversion

Since iPourIt self-pour technology is compatible with a wide variety of alcoholic beverages, we’ve put special safeguards in place to help encourage safe drinking and prevent overconsumption.

A predefined Alcohol By Volume (ABV) is set for different beverage types on the tap wall (i.e. Beer, Wine, Mixed Drinks, Spirits) and as patrons switch between types, the ounce limit that’s been allotted for each round is automatically adjusted.

Once the ounce limit is reached for a round, patrons will be prompted to request additional ounces from a staff member before they can continue to pour.

Easy Ounce Top-up

Staff can quickly and conveniently add extra ounces for patrons from any of the screens on the tap wall. With other self-pour systems, staff members must step away from the tap wall to add another round of ounces at a management station.

Animated Beer Labels

The iPourIt GEN 4 platform is the only self-pour technology that supports animated graphics for tap screen displays. Choose fun and engaging animated beer labels to help promote products and attract patrons to the tap wall.

Pouring Tutorial

Choose to show a quick video or image tutorial on the tap screens to teach guests the proper way to pour, eliminating issues with excess foam. SMARTS™ Technology will recognize new patrons and only show the tutorial upon each guest’s first tap activation.

Contact us to learn more about these features and how you can leverage self-pour technology to optimize your operations and increase alcohol sales.

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