Extreme Pizza Adds Self-Serve Beer to the Menu at Second Texas Location

Successful franchisee partners with iPourIt to offer 21-tap self-pour experience

Extreme Pizza, a leading California-based chain specializing in unusual toppings, has expanded with the addition of a new franchised store featuring 21 self-pour beer taps installed by iPourIt. Located in Mission, TX, the self-serve beverage system is the first and only of its kind in the area.

The store opened its doors last October but later closed the dining room to ensure the safety of its patrons and staff during the Covid-19 pandemic. With the proper safety measures in place, the Mission location has just reopened this week for dine-in service with full operation of the self-serve tap wall.

Franchisee Aleck Romero owns both Texas stores and wanted to offer a beverage experience as innovative as the restaurant’s specialty pizza lineup at his second location. He considered several options and found the best deal with iPourIt.

“We are excited about the self-pour concept and think it will really help attract customers at our second store,” Romero explained. “The flexibility of the iPourIt system is perfect for our service style because customers can choose to pay upfront or open a tab. It also offers helpful reporting tools so we can see what’s selling and what we should keep on tap.”

Using the iPourIt system, customers are charged for what they pour and can serve themselves as much or as little as they please. This self-pour experience reduces touch points with staff and allows customers to freely sample Extreme Pizza’s curated selection of local, craft and seasonal beers.

The beer wall features a custom 3 to 1 tap to screen configuration, which is a first for iPourIt. Darren Nicholson, VP of Sales and Marketing at iPourIt said, “Flexibility is in our DNA and our GEN 4 system with SMARTS technology is designed to be modified to fit the unique needs of our clients and the markets they serve. As a consultative partner, we worked with Aleck and his team to develop a custom configuration that will best align with the store’s goals.”

About Extreme Pizza
Extreme Pizza is the leading purveyor of specialty pizzas, subs and gigantic salads. Founded in San Francisco in 1994, the company boasts over 50 locations nationwide. Extreme Pizza is committed to providing customers with high quality food products available for in-store dining, take-out and delivery. Extreme. Not mainstream.

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