Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About iPourIt

Not at all! Our system supports beer, wine, mixed drinks, cold-brew coffee, Kombucha, craft soda and various other non-alcoholic beverages. Please note, our system does not pour hot beverages or products that contain pulp or sediment.

The iPourIt technology was designed and developed in Lake Forest, California. All company leadership, developers, and technical support representatives operate in The United States.

Our patented software provides us a unique ability to capture data analytics about your patrons and their preferences, optimal pricing, and many other valuable metrics that no other self-serve company can provide.

We concentrate on seven markets: Taprooms, Fast Casual, Casual Dining, Hospitality, Corporate Offices, Urban Living and Grocery.

Many of the rare and unique craft beers are cost prohibitive, however, because iPourIt charges by the ounce, it allows operators to sell higher priced, premium products without patrons committing to a full pour.

Questions About Our Self-Serve Technology

A few standard features of the iPourIt self-serve technology includes:

Interactive Touchscreens: An interactive, 7” industry-built touchscreen display above each tap shows beverage logos, tasting notes, ABV, IBU, pouring tips, a real-time keg meter and special pricing for scheduled promotions. Once activated, the screens display a live pouring graphic showing patrons the amount they’re pouring as it flows into the glass in tenths of an ounce. You can also add fun animated beer labels and graphics to help promote products on the wall.

RFID Wristbands, Touchless Tap Keys or Cards: As the only self-serve technology developed in the United States, our RFIDs were specially designed to avoid the troubles associated our competitor’s card slot system.  Patrons can simply touch the device to a built-in RFID reader to activate the tap, eliminating issues with lost or forgotten cards and walk-outs. 

Operators can choose from a variety of RFID tokens including wristbands, cards, and iPourIt exclusive Touchless Tap Keys – which allow patrons to use the beer wall without touching any tap handles or screens. Wristbands, Touchless Tap Keys and cards can be customized with logos and designs.

Management Workstation:  An onsite Management Workstation and database is used to check-in and check-out patrons. The Management Workstation has patented software that uses an algorithm to verify patron’s age and collect their gender, age and zip code. 

Enterprise Solution: Our enterprise solution allows comprehensive data and reports to be stored at your location. Through the Management Workstation, operators have a real-time view of various data reports, an inventory management console and a beer management portfolio.

TapVisionTM  The Ultimate in Self-Pour Business Intelligence: TapVision™ is the only Business Intelligence tool for self-pour operators. The custom-built platform offers an array of operational, product preference and consumer demographic data that can easily be sliced and diced as needed to create helpful graphics and reports.

Multiple Point Of Sale (POS) Integrations: Choose from a growing list of available integrations including InTouch, Toast, Aloha, Micros 3700.  Far more than any competitor.  At iPourIt we do all our engineering and development in-house, unlike our competitors.  Let us know which POS system you prefer and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Battery Free Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Technology:  Industry-standard PoE technology allows a single cable to provide both data connection and electric power to each tap screen – no batteries required. This allows for a hassle-free plug-and-play installation and set-up, and eliminates network connection issues, messy wiring and unnecessary seen with our competition.

Real Time Inventory & Menu Management:  SMARTS™ Technology aggregates pour data to provide real time inventory information – so you know exactly how much is left in each keg at all times. 

Easily manage inventory and menu updates. New kegs are added to an on deck list until they are tapped, also kicking off the inventory aging process. Kegs that are temporarily removed from the wall can be “benched” in the system, preserving inventory level data until they are added back to the wall. 

Automatically generate per ounce pricing by the pint or gross margin with a built-in pricing calculator tool.

Configure the system for to-go Growler and Crowler fills to properly track and record data for high volume pours.

Click here to see how we measure up against the competition.

Contact us for more information on operational features.

Absolutely, responsible consumption is one of the cornerstones of the iPourIt system.  Clients determine how many ounces a patron may consume after checking in – typically 32 – 40 ounces or 2, to 2.5 beers and we have an algorithm that adjusts for similar amounts if patrons are drinking wine or a mixture of both. Contact us to receive documentation on self-serve compliance with ABC Boards.

No! Our technology is fully hardwired and does not rely on a wireless Internet connection. We also back up your data to the cloud in near real-time so you never have any data loss.  You can still open a tab, customers can still pour a beer, and you can still close a tab without the Internet.

We are currently integrated with Toast, Micros 3700, and POS systems on Omnivore’s Universal API, including Squirrel POS, Revel Systems, InTouch POS, and Aloha. Many other integrations will be released in the near-future. Let us know which POS system you prefer and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

In most cases, we recommend having an existing Point-of-Sale (POS) system. However, iPourIt’s Lite POS could be used in lieu of a POS system for taprooms with a limited menu. 

Yes, we provide regular updates. Automatic updates are remotely loaded to your system by the Customer Care team.  We are constantly enhancing our products and adding new features, giving our customers the latest innovations at no added cost.

There are a number of comprehensive daily, monthly and yearly reports available right from the Management Workstation.

  • Daily sales based on product style and customers’ gender
  • Ounces sold by the hour
  • Daily inventory reports
  • Discount reports
  • Beverage sales breakouts
  • Comprehensive sales reports

Our new TapVision™ Business Intelligence tool allows you to analyze your location’s consumer data for improved operations and profitability.

  • Location traffic by age and gender – by month, day or hour
  • Average customer check size and ounces sold per tab
  • Volumes of beverage types, styles and specific products sold
  • Revenue for specific products sold by hour, day, month or gender
  • Gross revenue and by hour, day, month or gender

Contact us to receive a comprehensive guide of reports we provide.

Questions About Pricing

Please contact us to request a quote or place an order. An iPourIt representative will discuss your project with you and develop a proposal specific to your needs.

There is no one-size-fits-all pricing structure, since the level of customization required to install iPourIt varies from operator to operator. However, start with a general estimate of about $1,350 per tap, since configurations typically range between $1,100-$1,600 per tap. See Pricing & Certified Installation for more information.

We can refer you to lending and finance partners who understand and appreciate the success of our self-serve technology.

There is a subscription fee of a penny per ounce for beer, two cents per ounce for craft cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages, and three cents for wine. Other than the subscription fee, there are no additional fees.

The subscription fee covers not only technical support, but also regular software enhancements and updated reporting tools.

Absolutely. Based on the industry average, the additional yield per keg pays for the subscription fees and adds additional profits to your bottom line.

The industry average for keg yield is a shocking 76%. This is due to returned or incorrect orders, foam, over-pours, giveaways, and free tasters. Premium kegs often go bad or get discounted because patrons won’t commit to an expensive pint. That’s a lot of profit down the drain.

iPourIt clients recognize a 99% keg yield on average. When the patron is self-serving by the ounce, there are no free tasters, no returns, and no sweet-hearting that results in free drinks. You get paid for every ounce.

Questions About Installation

We work with your General Contractor and Certified Dispense Installer to ensure that the beer system is ordered and installed. Once the beer system is installed, we install our technology to enable the beer system to be self-serve.

Our current lead time, from receipt of deposit to installation, is typically 8-10 weeks.

Our typical installation takes about 1 day per 10 taps (i.e., for a 30 tap system, expect the installation to take about 3 days).

Absolutely, once the system is installed, iPourIt will configure, commission and fully train you and your employees to adequately use and manage the system.

Questions About Support

The training provided by our Customer Care team and installers will teach you and your employees everything they need to know to manage the system during operations. However, we also provide additional support to ensure you and your employees can smoothly manage the system during operations. This includes:

  • Training documentation, such as a Quick-Start Guide and Training Manual.
  • Various self-help videos that can be used for training purposes or to help employees in particular situations.

Our Technical Support team is always available 365/24/7 to answer any questions not listed in the training manual. Please contact us anytime at 949-270-0548 or support@ipourit.com.

We provide 365/24/7 phone and email support. We don’t have to escalate any issues beyond our office or wait for the time zone of other countries to troubleshoot issues. Our team responds promptly to inquiries and is ready to provide product training, resolve customer complaints, answer operational questions and offer advice.  With our remote link to your system, we can immediately see how the system is functioning. 

Please contact us anytime at 949-270-0548 or support@ipourit.com.

We provide 365/24/7 phone and email support for any technical matter related to the self-serve system, including adding new beers to your menu.

Yes. Occasionally, a client will request that we add an innovative feature or customization; and, because we wish to provide operators and patrons with the best possible self-pour experience; we will add the feature, so please don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us.

All pours are saved to your local database as they happen so no data is lost. If someone loses their RFID card you can look them up by name and, with a single click, you can assign them a new wristband and deactivate the old one. 

There are THREE easy ways to add a new beverage to the iPourIt system! Click here to see handy how-to videos for each. Or if you’d prefer, click here for a detailed guide.

  • Browse our exclusive iPourIt database or the UnTappd database to add beverages.
  • Create a beverage from scratch. 
  • We’ll do the work for you – just tell us what you’ve ordered from your distributor and we’ll put the items “On Deck” for you. That means we’ll make sure there’s an accurate image, description, IBU and ABV associated with it. Then we’ll push the items to your local database so you can track the kegs in inventory. When you’re ready to tap a keg, just select it from the list on your management workstation, set the keg size and price per pint, then hit save. Tap screens, menu boards, mobile apps and websites will be updated automatically.

Click here to a handy how-to video for each option

No. Just like any traditional beer system, line cleaning is the only regular maintenance required for the iPourIt system to run properly.

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