Farm + Vine Opens Its Doors on Veteran’s Day

Farm + Vine

After a Successful Veteran’s Day Opening, Farm + Vine, a new fast-casual establishment, is quickly attracting the busy crowds with self-serve beer and wine.

Doug Sams, a 30-year industry veteran and founder of two restaurant chains, created Farm + Vine to help busy people eat better. Farm + Vine is solving the problem of how to save time and eat flavorful food that is better for you, while leveraging new technology that allows patrons to skip the wait service for drinks and food with their table and counter kiosks and self-serve beer and wine taps.

This innovative establishment features digital ordering with a social dining room. “In a social-dining setting, we’re delivering fresh, farm-to-table recipes at a fast-food speed, which makes it convenient for our guests to eat better,” said Doug Sams. In addition to digital ordering, Farm and Vine will be the first Minnesota restaurant to be cash-free. Sams said the time managers devote to cash handling will be better utilized towards hospitality and enhancing the guest experience. Read more about the opening of this unique establishment by clicking the link below.

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