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Feature Highlight: Automated Discounts

It’s always nice to have one less thing to remember. Especially when you’re operating a restaurant, taproom, concert venue etc. There’s orders, invoices, scheduling and now even stricter safety and cleaning regulations. Keeping track of everything can be a big task.

Take weekly specials off your to do list with SMARTS Technology™

iPourIt GEN 4 is the only self-pour system on the market that allows you to schedule Happy Hour, Wine Wednesday and other specials and pricing discounts to run automatically at specific times and specific days each week.

Say you offer the following specials:

  • Happy Hour from 4pm-6pm every weekday with 20% off all pours
  • Wine Wednesday with 15% off white wine pours from 3pm-6:30pm and 15% off red wine pours from 6:30pm-10pm
  • Sunday Fun-Day from 1pm-4pm with Bud Light discounted to $2 per pint and Jack Daniels discounted to $3 per shot

As soon as the clock hits the desired time on the desired day, the pricing is automatically switched over in the system and the specified tap screens display the discounted price versus the original price, urging patrons to grab a glass and take advantage of the deals.

Once time is up, the pricing and tap screens automatically switch back to the original configuration. Now employees can focus on customer service instead of keeping an eye on the clock and issues with unauthorized discounts are eliminated.

Let your specials run themselves:

  • Set specific days and times for pricing discounts and specials
  • Discount by specific product, product type, tap number and more
  • A simple click sets it all in motion and specials start and stop automatically as programmed

No more manual programming or scrambling to get set-up for Happy Hour. Set it and forget it!

The Power of Happy Hour

Happy Hour specials are a great way to drive traffic during slower hours and according to a 2018 Nielsen Report, it’s big business for on premise alcohol sales. In fact, U.S. bars and restaurants can generate 60% of average weekly sales just from happy hour.

→ Fun Fact: You may think “Thirsty Thursday” is the biggest weekday drinking night but more people actually drink during Happy Hour on Wednesdays. Nielsen data shows that on average, Wednesday Happy Hour traffic is 23.9% higher than other weekdays.

Tapping into this data as well as iPourIt’s TapVision business intelligence data, is a big advantage for planning successful pricing specials. As an operator, you have the opportunity to better cater to your patrons by promoting premium products and happy hour specials on the right days and the right times.

iPourIt gives your business additional advantages over the competition:

  • Increase alcohol sales
  • Maximize keg yield and minimize shrink
  • Sell premium products in smaller amounts at a higher price
  • Serve more patrons with less labor and overhead cost
  • Reduce touch points between staff and patrons

To learn more about iPourIt GEN 4 and SMARTS Technology™, contact us at (949) 270-0556 or sales@ipourit.com.

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