Financing Your Self-Pour System: Which Option Is Right for You?

Getting your self-serve system up and running is exciting, and one of the biggest choices you’ll make early on is how to pay for it.

Financing Your Self-Pour System: Key Takeaways

  • Financing lets you pay for your self-serve system over time, keeping cash free for other things your business needs.
  • Paying cash upfront is the cheapest way to own a self-serve system long-term, but it can tie up funds you might want for growth.
  • Leasing gives you flexibility and potential tax benefits. Plus, you’ll own the self-serve system outright after your final payment.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to financing your self-pour system, so let’s break down the main options:

1. Financing


  • Keeps Cash Flowing: Spread the cost out, so you have more money on hand for inventory, marketing, and all the other startup essentials.
  • Eventually, It’s Yours: The self-serve system will be all yours once you’ve finished the payments.


  • Interest Costs: Financing adds interest to the total price you pay.
  • You May Need Collateral: Lenders could ask you to secure the loan with the kiosk, tap wall or other assets.
  • Down Payments: Most loans require 20-30% down and may not cover shipping and installation costs.

2. Paying Cash


  • Cheapest Long-Term: No interest means it’s the most affordable way to own a self-serve system outright.
  • Instant Ownership: The kiosk or tap wall is yours from the get-go!
  • Super Simple: No loan paperwork or monthly payments to keep track of.


  • Big Cash Hit: Draining your savings could make it harder to grow your business in other ways.
  • Potential Taxes: If you’ve already paid taxes on your business income, buying with cash could mean paying extra tax when you purchase the self-serve system.
  • Missed Opportunities: The money tied up in your self-serve system could be earning you returns elsewhere.

3. Leasing


  • Fast Approval: Get your funding in just a few days.
  • Builds Business Credit: Making on-time lease payments looks good to lenders down the road.
  • Low Upfront Cost: Get started without a big down payment.
  • Flexibility: Easily upgrade or change your self-serve system as your business evolves.
  • Tax Advantages: Lease payments can often be fully deducted as a business expense.
  • Own It Eventually: Once your lease ends, the self-serve system is yours to keep!


  • Can Cost More Over Time: Depending on your lease terms, it might be more expensive than other options in the long run.

The Bottom Line

The best option for you depends on where your business is at.

  • Want to protect your cash flow? Financing or leasing might be the way to go.
  • Have lots of cash on hand and want the cheapest solution over the long run? Then paying upfront could be ideal.
  • Still not sure? A financial advisor can help you weigh your specific needs against these different options.

With careful planning, you’ll make the right choice to get your self-serve business off to a fantastic start!

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