Five Key Takeaways from the 2018 iPourIt Report

key takeaways ipourit report

 iPourIt recently released its 2018 iPourIt Report naming the top domestic beers, craft beers, ciders, red wines, white wines, and rosés poured. We point out five key takeaways from the 2018 iPourIt Report.

As part of iPourIt’s innovative technology and features, we capture key data, including products poured, ounces poured, and patron demographics. iPourIt recently released its 2018 iPourIt Report naming the top domestic beers, craft beers, ciders, red wines, white wines, and rosés poured through our self-serve beverage dispense systems in a year’s time (Sept. 2017-Sept. 2018).

The report includes data from all iPourIt operators, which consist of fast-casual, casual dining, taproom, urban living, corporate office, and hospitality concepts. The data comes from over 14,100 beers, over 580 wines, over 45.5 million ounces of beer, and 2 million ounces of wine poured. It is the first iPourIt report to be released. What does this mean for self-serve beer wall operators?

Below, we point out five key takeaways from the 2018 iPourIt Report.

  1. Domestic beers are still prominent amongst beer consumers.

Bud Light and Coors Light top the list with the most pours. Between September 2017 and September 2018, Bud Light poured over 151 ½ barrels and Coors Light poured almost 136 ½ barrels. What can we extract from this data? As the craft beer market continues to trend, the domestic beer drinkers continue to show loyalty. Also, consumers who might be new to beer may go for what they know, and for a lighter tasting beer. As an operator, we suggest keeping the loyal domestic drinkers happy and reserve at least one tap handle to a domestic product.

  1. Region matters.

Looking at the top microbrews and craft beers, you notice Firestone Walker Brewing Co. 805 at the number one spot and Narragansett Lager at number three. Firestone 805 is extremely popular in the West Coast, with 805 being an area code in California. The craft beer market is huge on the West Coast. California is now home to more craft breweries than any state in the nation. Interesting enough, Narragansett Lager almost outpours Blue Moon Belgian White with a little more than 76 ½ barrels. It’s brewed in Rhode Island. New England is also a quickly growing craft beer market. Craft beer is becoming the wine of New England.

  1. Don’t underestimate ciders.

Ace Pineapple Cider was the fourth most poured product overall with over 108 ½ barrels poured. It beat any import poured. People love ciders! Adding a variety to the draft lineup offers more selection to your patrons, making sure there’s something for everyone. For drinkers who avoid gluten or those who shy away from beer, cider is a quality option that is proven to keep up with the craft beers and domestics!

  1. Modelo is growing, but some imports might be better in the bottle.

Modelo Especial is king when it comes to imports poured. You might question why Corona, Pacifico, and Heineken aren’t near the top of the list. Our guess is they were marketed to be consumed from a bottle. Either that or Modelo is just that much better. Although a Mexican lager is number one on the import list, German and Belgian beers are not too far behind.

  1. Beer consumers like choice.

The ultimate takeaway from this report is that consumers love the freedom of choice. The iPourIt self-serve beverage dispense system allows patrons to pour as much or as little as they want. For consumers new to craft beer, the system allows them to pour just a few ounces of the beers they want to try. For the beer connoisseur, the system allows them to make their own flight. They can create their own beer experience.

What to Expect in the Next iPourIt Report

This report just scratches the surface of the data iPourIt collects. Keep an eye out for iPourIt’s next report! Expect to see more in-depth data, including demographics of patrons, pours by region, and more.

To find the 2018 iPourIt Report, click here.






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