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Get Tapped Into Your Self Pour Customer Base with TapVision

It’s easier to make our customers happy when we know what they like. And what they don’t like.

With that in mind, we created TapVision™ – the only business intelligence (BI) platform for the self pour market. It’s a cloud-based reporting package that enables operators to turn their business’ self pour data into actionable insights and make informed decisions on things like:

  • Pricing
  • Special promotions
  • Ordering
  • Product mix
  • Labor scheduling
  • Event planning

Our patents allow us (and only us) to provide our operators with access to unparalleled consumer data, collected from their locations. With TapVision, that data is available in a series of customizable reports that can be used to help analyze past performance, predict future revenue, create profit proformas and more.

According to Forbes, improving revenues was the most popular BI objective for enterprises in 2019, despite BI initially being positioned as a solution for compliance and risk management. A recent article stated that nearly 50% of enterprises now expect BI to deliver better decision making – making the areas of reporting, and dashboards must-have features.

Data for days: iPourIt is the only self pour technology that tracks and records data for every single pour. It’s also the only self pour technology that offers a driver license scan and verification at check-in, allowing us to collect anonymous demographic data for each of your customers. In fact, we’ve collected over 200 million ounces worth of pour data from over 9.5M patrons at more than 220 locations.

Occupancy Reports
See a snapshot of your location’s traffic for a specific date range, broken down by time (hour, day, month), age and gender.

Use this set of reports to:

  • Review traffic for specific dates in the past down to the hour – for help with defining labor expense and cost of goods sold
  • Determine your location’s busiest days and hours – for help with decisions about scheduling
  • Evaluate the demographic make-up of your customer base – for help with planning for targeted marketing, event planning and special promotions

Product Choice Reports
Determine which exact products and styles your patrons are pouring the most (and the least).

Use this set of reports to:

  • See which styles are most popular – for help with decisions about product mix
  • Identify specific beverages that are fast and slow-moving – for help with decisions about ordering and product selection
  • Get a detailed product breakdown of total ounces, average ounces and total spend for specific time ranges to identify patterns and correlations in your business

Volume & Revenue Reports
Understand pour volume and revenue for specific date ranges, beverage styles and products sold, drilling down to see that data by gender and by hour, day or month.

Use this set of reports to:

  • View ounces poured per visit for selected time ranges to determine patrons average per ounce spend on specific styles and products – for help with decisions about pricing
  • See which products brought in the most revenue for specific days or months – for help with decisions about special promotions
  • Compare revenue from various styles to better understand your patrons’ preferences

To speak with one of our self pour experts about how TapVision can help boost your business, please contact us at 949-270-4556 or sales@ipourit.com.

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