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Mixing Compassion With Craft Beer: Grace in Growlers

Community Crafters

Grace in Growlers supports the local community and allows customers to serve their own local beer.

We love reading about how awesome our customers are! Tim and Holly, owners of Grace in Growlers, moved to Hawai’i to fulfill their dream of combining community service with craft beer. Today, they’re known at the Community Crafters who have introduced the newest technology to the island:  iPourIt’s self-serve beer and wine technology. As a result, they’ve successfully grown a small Kailua, HI location that supports local breweries and the local community altogether…

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Inside Grace In Growlers
Inside Grace In Growlers

Grace in Growlers a tasting room, focusing on locally made; craft beer, kombucha, mead and cold brew coffee. This is a project by ONEninetynine Initiative that seeks to generate revenues and donate all proceeds  back into the community.

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