Happy Hour: Automation & Best Practices

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Happy Hour takes a significant impact on the overall profit and also customer loyalty. Find out how iPourIt helps operators leverage happy hour with automation.

iPourIt is the only beverage dispense technology in the self-serve market that allows operators to set a schedule of days and times for special pricing and discounts per tap. This saves costly time and gives operators the opportunity to get creative with promotions and events to help drive traffic and increase profits.

Today, most bars and restaurants feature happy hour prices during slower hours to increase foot traffic and sales. A 2018 Nielsen report tells us happy hour is big business when it comes to on-premise alcohol sales. In fact, U.S. bars and restaurants generate 60.5% of their average weekly sales from happy hour!

And as the days of the week change, so should happy hour specials. What day do you think gains the most Happy Hour traffic?

Don’t let the term Thirsty Thursday fool you. More people actually drink during Happy Hour on Wednesdays! Nielsen data shows that on average Wednesday is a big drinking day with Happy Hour traffic being 23.9% higher than other weekdays. Tapping into this data as well as iPourIt pour and patron data, operators gain a big competitive advantage. As an operator, you have the opportunity to better cater to your patrons and their wants by promoting premium products and happy hour specials on the right days and the right times.

iPourIt Smarts Technology™ allows operators to implement Happy Hour with ease. With a simple click, operators can set their own discounts and Happy Hour prices to automate through their self-pour beer wall tap screens on any given day and time.

iPourIt Smarts Technology™ allows operators to schedule happy hour and other discounts with automation.

Say Happy Hour starts at 4:00 p.m. As soon as the clock strikes 4:00, each tap screen programmed for Happy Hour will automatically show patrons the discounted price compared to its original price. This creates curiosity and a sense of urgency!

iPourIt Smarts Technology™ allows operators to vary their Happy Hour specials depending on the day and prevents any confusion for patrons and employees. This automated feature makes discounted pricing for Happy Hour and special events simple, saving costly time for the operator.

What Our Operators are Doing

With over 180 operators, we’ve seen a lot of creative and successful Happy Hour promotions! Check out some of the best practices below for inspiration.

The Commons in Chico, California

College Happy Hour

Oak & Stone in Sarasota, Florida

Beat the Clock

Tap It Tavern in Arvada, Colorado

25% Off Staff Picks

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