Co-Owner of Hoppin’ Named Finalist For Small Businessperson of The Year

Small Businessperson of the Year

Get to know Rich Moyer, Co-owner of Hoppin’ and finalist for the Small Businessperson of the Year Award for the Consumer Technology category.

A few months ago, Hoppin’ opened for business and Charlotte-locals immediately fell in love with it’s 60-tap self-serve beer wall. After installing iPourIt’s self-serve technology, Hoppin’ served more than 130,000 ounces to 4,000 customers in its first eight days of operation (this includes 35,000 ounces poured over their first 24 hours!). With their continued success, Hoppin’ is expanding to a second location in North Davidson, NC.

Much of this success is thanks to Rich Moyer’s leadership. In addition to opening Hoppin’, Rich is also the co-owner of 2 Two Scoops Creamery locations and recently sold a commercial cleaning company. He is currently a finalist for Charlotte’s Small Businessperson of the Year award for the Consumer Technology Category. Click the link below to view a Q&A session between Charlotte Agenda and Rich.

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