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You Want Hip? We’ve Got Hip. This is What to See in Charlotte’s South End

hoppin' self-pour taproom ipourit

Hoppin’, a self-pour taproom using iPourIt’s technology, is a hot spot in Charlotte’s South End neighborhood. 

Hoppin’ has become a local hot spot in Charlotte, N.C. The neighborhood has a forward-focused attitude with trendy art galleries, boutiques, and breweries. Of these trendy spots, the self-pour taproom Hoppin’ has been attracting a large crowd. Within the first 24 hours of opening, they poured a record of 35,000 ounces!

iPourIt installed 60 self-serve taps at Hoppin in Fall 2017. To read the full story, click the link below!

About Hoppin’

Hoppin’ is the first and only self-serve taproom in Charlotte, N.C. It offers a selection of craft beer, wine, and cider in a minimalist bi-level space. With over 60 self-serve taps, Hoppin’ allows patrons to discover and enjoy new flavors and tastes while relaxing with friends and family. Enjoy fresh air and a cold drink with Hoppin’s large garage door that opens to a large patio with a skyline view. To learn more about Hoppin’, check out their website or social media!

READ: You Want Hip? We’ve Got Hip. This is What to See in Charlotte’s South End

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