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Our new operator Hops N Guac is making a splash in Huntsville, Ala. WHNT News 19 covers the story here.

*Original Source: WHNT 19 News

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Technology called “iPourit” is making a self-serve tap wall available in a new Huntsville restaurant, Hops N Guac.

That’s right, customers will be pouring their own beers. According to Hops N Guac CEO Blake Harper, the technology behind the wall keeps it safe, and legal.

So how does it work?

When a customer walks inside, they will go to the front desk and order. If they want an alcoholic beverage, they’ll give the cashier a valid ID and credit card. This will connect the wristband that the cashier gives, with a tab. It’s like opening a regular tab at a bar.

There is a selection of 45 beers or wines on tap to choose from, and Harper says they plan on changing them out either weekly, or monthly, depending on customer’s favorites. If anyone has questions about a beer or wine, “beer consultants” will be on standby to answer any and all questions.

Customers get to pick any beverage to try, and tap the wristband logo to the logo on the iPourit wall.

Each dispenser has an iPad that tells the type of beer, where it’s from, the percentage of alcohol, the price per ounce, and more. Once the wristband is scanned, it will give the ability to pour a glass.

Harper says the by-the-ounce format is designed to encourage suds sampling and exploration so customers will try different beverages.

Harper says the biggest misconception is people wondering how this new technology is legal. He says the wristband tracks how much a customer has had and allows up to 32 ounces at a time. The digital pour-tracking and over-serving prevention cuts-off each Hops N Guac customer after every 32 ounces, or two pints worth, of beer that person drinks.

If a customer wishes to load more ounces onto a wristband, beer consultants will be on standby to verify the customer is fit to consume more and load an additional 24 ounces.

“It’s like an adult playground,” says Harper. “Try whatever you want, experience all of it!” He adds it’s different because it’s a social experience and customers won’t have to wait for the bartender to pour their drink… they can finally do it themselves.

Hops N Guac will be a modern “quick-serve” Mexican restaurant where you order at the front, then take a seat.

It opens on Saturday, June 1 at the Campus 805 complex on Clinton Avenue.

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