At Hot Head Cantina, Guests Pour the Shots

hot head cantina self pour liquor

iPourIt’s Self-Serve Beverage Dispense Technology allows guests to pour their own shots at Hot Head Mexican Grill and Cantina in Ohio.

*Original Source: Hospitality Technology

iPourIt Inc. self-serve beverage dispense technology can now pour shots of hard liquor through its system. Hot Head Mexican Grill and Cantina, a fast-casual franchise, opened its first location with a self-serve tap system pouring shots of liquor using iPourIt technology in Centerville, Ohio.

The iPourIt system is designed to prevent over-consumption by measuring patrons’ pours and limiting the total amount they pour. Right now, Hot Head Cantina’s allows for a 1.5-ounce pour and a total of six ounces of straight liquor.

Co-Founder of Hot Head Mexican Grill and Cantina Peter Wiley saids, “We’re excited to see the response from our customers and the success we’ll gain from offering a variety of products from our self-serve tap wall. Our goal is to provide a fun and unique experience with high-quality food and quick service. iPourIt allows us to improve the patron experience while having more efficient and profitable operations.”

The Centerville location has a 27-tap self-serve beverage dispense system pouring seventeen craft beers, five mixed cocktails, and five straight liquors. Wiley explains that they also have a Pepsi Spire machine offering more than 1,000 combinations of soft drinks. Patrons can pour their own shots or make their own mixed drinks.

Since 2012, iPourIt collects extensive data for their operators and to gain valuable market knowledge. The data collected includes products poured, amount poured, inventory, patron demographics, and more. iPourIt’s data shows Hot Head Cantina’s alcohol to food sales at 25% compared to the industry average of 6.5%.

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