How to Transform the Tasting Experience with iPourIt Tap Screens

Tasting is about exploration but how do you choose what to try when you’re staring at a list of unfamiliar names?

Whether you’re just browsing for something tasty to sip on or want to geek out on tasting notes and IBUs, our GEN 4 tap screens take the tasting experience to the next level.

Designed for exploration

Guests can see fun beverage artwork and handy details as they peruse all of the options, or tap the touch screens to take a deeper dive and see extended tasting notes.

1.  Brewery or winery name
2.  Brewery or winery location
3.  Beverage name
4.  Beverage label/artwork
5.  Price per ounce

6.  Beverage style
7.  ABV and IBU
8.  Short description
9.  Extended description

Animated artwork & custom GIFs

Who doesn’t love cool labels? Our screens support animated artwork and custom GIFs so your beverage line-up can jump off the wall and catch everyone’s eye.

Choose stunning pre-made animations from our friends at Beer Labels in Motion:

Or create your own GIFs like the ones at Bear Cave Brewing’s self-pour brewpub:

Custom wallpaper

Highlight your branding with custom wallpaper on your tap screens. Add a custom background image or design to keep your brand front of mind as guests are exploring and pouring their way around the tap wall.

Tap screen takeovers

Hosting a special event at your tap wall? Display custom graphics on the screens to make it even more special for your guests—the perfect add-on for buyouts. We’ve even done marriage proposals!

Mystery beers

Use the tap screens to challenge beer enthusiasts to a blind taste test. Several iPourIt operators have featured a “mystery beer” on the tap wall—swapping the details for a fun clue and offering a prize to those who can guess the secret beer.

Want to learn more about our GEN 4 self-pour platform and all of the latest tap screen features? Contact us at 949-270-0556 to speak with a self-pour expert. 

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