Five Ways to Increase Pours at Your Self-Serve Beer Wall

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We looked at iPourIt operators’ best practices and came up with a list of five ways to increase pours at your beer wall.

Over 100 million ounces have been poured through iPourIt’s self-pour technology, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. iPourIt continues to pour beer, wine, and more in over 150 locations. As we continue to implement the self-pour concept and support beer wall installs every week, iPourIt strives to offer not only our innovative technology, but also premium service and best practices to support our operator’s success.

Once the iPourIt technology and beer wall installation is complete, the work doesn’t stop there. The self-serve beverage dispense market is growing, but it’s also new and some have yet to experience the concept. It’s important for operators to manage and promote the beer wall to increase pours and maximize profits. To better service our operators, iPourIt collects extensive data from over 150 locations, including fast-casual, casual dining, taproom, urban living, hospitality, and corporate concepts. The data includes patron demographics, products poured, and ounces poured. This data can be used to better market towards patrons, improve pricing strategy, and optimize the beer wall lineup.

We looked at best practices and came up with a list of 5 ways to increase pours at your beer wall.

Outreach to Influencers

iPourIt invests in the success of our operators. We have an in-house marketing specialist who works with you to craft a custom press release and to send it out to relevant influencers in your area. The list of influencers, which includes bloggers, journalists, reporters, and more, is sent to each of our operators for their own future use. iPourIt also encourages operators to promote the self-pour concept on social media.

Utilize Beer Gurus

The self-serve concept reduces labor expenses associated with dedicated bartenders and adds revenue and profits from reducing keg shrink. This enables operators to redeploy their best employees as “beer gurus.” Beer Gurus take on a revenue-generating role that fosters patron education and the discovery of premium products. Utilize your beer gurus to inform patrons of new beers on tap, to engage patrons and encourage them to return to the beer wall, and to educate patrons on the technology and the perfect pour.

Partner with a Local Business

If you’re near other small businesses, try to network and see if they’re interested in partnering up. This is where you, as a business owner, can get creative. Host a pop-up shop with a local boutique, work with a yoga studio or instructor for Yoga & Brews, or host a paint night. If you don’t offer food, try to work with a nearby business for free delivery. Any event will attract patrons to your beer wall and partnering with a local business appeals to the locals and creates repeat business.

Pour for a Cause

Donate a few cents per ounce poured or tips to a local charity. One of our operators successfully does this one week per month (Monday-Friday). Patrons will be encouraged to make more visits to the beer wall if their money is going to a good cause.

Food Pairings or Specials

If your concept offers food, promote some of your menu items with products on your beer wall. The right types of foods can complement different styles and flavors of beers. This appeals to craft beer geeks, but it can also be fun and engaging for craft beer beginners. For reference, view the Beer and Food Pairing Guide from CraftBeer.com below.

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