iPourIt + GoTab Point-of-Sale Integration

Transform your operations with the iPourIt + GoTab integration

GoTab is one of the most versatile and innovative platforms in the Point-of-Sale (POS) space, providing guest ordering and payment solutions designed to optimize experiences and efficiencies.

With GoTab, operators can expect:

  • 35-50% higher check averages
  • 25% faster table turns
  • 30-50% increased labor efficiency
  • Higher profits and better guest experiences
  • Streamlined operations and reduced manual tasks

Our seamless integration with GoTab simplifies operations and eliminates the need to switch between systems to manage transactions. Now you can issue RFID cards or wristbands for iPourIt self-pour access directly from your GoTab POS terminal. This allows guests to pour from the iPourIt system and make other purchases through the GoTab POS using the same RFID card or wristband, and pay for it all on a single tab.


Streamlined management: Self-pour system transactions are automatically added to a single tab with food and other purchases, speeding up check-out and eliminating issues with manual entry errors. Plus, all open tabs are automatically closed with a default tip at the end of the day, preventing issues with unpaid checks.

User-friendly features: With GoTab’s Easy Tab feature, guests can view their tab in real-time on their phone and order food or other beverages straight from their device with no app downloads or registration required.

Don’t lose your data: Our comprehensive integration ensures that everything stays seamlessly connected during the switch so you’ll still have access to your entire customer and sales history.

Added peace of mind: Mitigate the risk of losses due to insufficient funds and other credit card payment failures with GoTab’s Insufficient Funds Protection feature. Each transaction triggers an authorization for the associated charge, securing the necessary funds.


Effortless efficiency: iPourIt and GoTab work together smoothly, so your data flows automatically. No time wasted switching back and forth between systems.

Everything in one place: Keep track of your customers, sales, and more, all in one convenient location. Easy access means easier decisions.

Simple reporting: Get the insights you need to make smart business choices, without the hassle of complicated reports.

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