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Save Time and Money with iPourIt’s Beer Menu Management Feature

ipourit beer menu management

Learn how iPourIt technology saves operators time and money with our Beer Menu Management feature. 

As an iPourIt client, you are not only installing self-serve technology, but you are also getting 24/7/365 technical support, continuous updates, and iPourIt-exclusive features. When you agree to work with iPourIt, we become partners. We want to build a long-term relationship, investing in the future and success of both of our businesses. That being said, one of the features we provide is Beer Menu Management. This feature helps your operations run smoothly and saves you time and money.

What is Beer Menu Management?

As an iPourIt partner, your keg inventory is displayed on the admin dashboard, which corresponds with the digital beer menu in your establishment. iPourIt adds beers to your keg inventory from our extensive beer library, and you can then add them to the tap numbers once the keg is tapped. If your tap list is featured on your website, it is automatically updated.

This iPourIt feature is tactical and timely, as we consistently keep our beer library up-to-date by uploading logos, brewery information, beer profiles, ABV, and IBU for each beer. Ultimately, we are bridging the gap between the operator and the brewer. This information can be seen on your digital beer menu, tap screens, and admin dashboard.

How does it work?

iPourIt adds beers to the digital keg inventory once you email us the list of your next beer order within 24 hours. Our team goes through and adds extensive information to our database if it isn’t already there. The information added includes brewery name, beer name, beer style, ABV, IBU, beer profile, brewery or beer logo, and brewery location.

We give you full access to our beer library, so you can easily add any beer to your menu with a quick search and click. If you have a beer that is not yet in our library, you can add your own and we will be notified to update it with the full and proper information. Your beer menu can be managed at any Management Work Station, which will then update your tap screens, website, mobile app, etc. in real time. This update benefits you by saving time and improves patron experience by letting them know what’s currently pouring at the beer wall and giving relevant product information.

Many of our competitors use a third-party application at an additional cost to provide you with this feature.  The third-party application may have several listings for each beer with varying information, adding confusion and time to changing your beer menu. iPourIt’s library is managed and curated to only have one listing per beer, cider, and wine.

We provide Beer Menu Management to allow you to focus your time and money on other business operations. It is one of many features iPourIt offers to help drive success for your business.

If you want to know more about the features we offer, or you’d like to learn more about iPourIt, please feel free to contact us!

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