iPourIt Breaks 100 Million Ounces Poured

iPourIt, North America’s Leader in Self-Serve Beverage Dispense Technology, Pours Over 100 Million Ounces

LAKE FOREST, CA – October 3, 2018 – iPourIt, Inc increases its lead in the market and hits an industry milestone with over one hundred million ounces poured.

iPourIt is the national leader in self-serve beverage dispense technology. Since 2012, iPourIt has served over 7.5 million unique users and installed over 3,400 self-serve taps in over 120 locations including fast-casual restaurants, tap rooms, hospitality locations, corporate offices, and urban living. Of the one hundred million ounces, the iPourIt system has poured 93% beer and 7% wine, cider and other non-beer options.

iPourIt’s self-serve model has proven to help operators improve alcohol sales and revenues and enhance operations. It is a measurable and profit-generating software model with about $51.3 million in revenue generated for their operators. iPourIt provides continuous software updates and exclusive features including beer menu management, inventory control, and an extensive digital beer library. These features save operators costly time and help drive success for their business.

As the only self-serve beverage dispense technology capturing key demographic data, including gender, zip code, products poured, and ounces poured, iPourIt offers valuable insight to operators. With iPourIt’s check-in and driver’s license scan process, our operators capture data to improve customer satisfaction and operations, and ultimately, increase sales and drive profits.

Darren Nicholson, Vice President of iPourIt, says, “Reaching one hundred million ounces poured is a significant milestone for us at iPourIt. With the data that is generated from those ounces poured, iPourIt and operators can replicate best-practices across all locations. What was once a non-existent market, is now an innovative and profitable business concept. Self-serve is no longer considered a novelty and sophisticated operators are discovering how important this data is to improve product, pricing, and demographic selection, making iPourIt the #1 choice in the self-serve market.” 

iPourIt expects a continuous growth trend with an additional 1,100 self-serve taps in its backlog. To find a location using iPourIt’s self-serve technology near you, go to https://ipouritinc.com/our-clients/.

About iPourIt, Inc.

iPourIt, Inc. is North America’s leader in self-serve beverage dispense technology with over 120 locations installed and operating, 100 million ounces poured, and more than 3,400 taps installed. iPourIt partners with operators to provide an interactive, on-premise, self-service beer & wine experience promoting consumer choice and sampling. The technology has proven to increase revenue and drive profitability through higher space utilization and lower operating costs for clients while enhancing customer satisfaction. Learn more at https://ipouritinc.com.



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