iPourIt, Inc. Enhances Self-Serve Beverage Dispense Platform with New SMARTS™ Technology

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Leading Self-Pour Provider Sees Busiest Month of Installs After Launching Major System Upgrades

iPourIt, Inc., the nation’s leader in self-pour beverage dispense technology, is pleased to announce the successful launch of its powerful new GEN 4 platform. Now with advanced networking and improved hardware and software features, iPourIt’s GEN 4 self-pour systems have already been installed in over 65 locations with more than 2,200 taps in operation.

Leveraging iPourIt’s proprietary SMARTS™ Technology, all-new purpose-built tap screens and industry standard Power Over Ethernet (POE) networking, the upgraded GEN 4 system ushers in a new era for self-pour. The next-generation platform boasts all of the advanced system management features of the GEN 3 system, while also increasing operational efficiency, simplifying installation and reducing onboarding costs. GEN 4 offers an intuitive set of new features designed to enhance the self-pour experience for both operators and patrons:

  • Industry Standard POE Networking: Eliminates connection issues, messy wiring and unnecessary holes in the cooler wall with a single CAT6 cable that connects and powers each tap screen.
  • Purpose-Built LCD Tap Screens: Extends screen life with purpose-built industrial grade displays that are battery free and designed for constant use. Hard-wired “future-proof” technology allows for remote support, software updates and added horsepower.
  • Touchless Set-up: Reduces touch points by pairing stand alone check-in components with the new Touchless Tap Key RFID tool, allowing patrons to enjoy self-pour without touching anything but their own belongings.
  • iPourIt SMARTS™ Technology: Aggregates all pour data to provide real time inventory information (exactly how much product is left in each keg). Uses predefined Alcohol By Volume (ABV) for each beverage type to monitor patrons’ consumption and prevent over-serving. Enables operators to set automated schedules for special discounts and promotions.
  • Beer Menu & Inventory Management: Allows for easy management of updates to beer wall menu and inventory with automated “on deck” and “benched” keg options. Fully integrated with the Untappd App.
  • Operator Dashboard: Provides a comprehensive, user-friendly snapshot of beer wall operations with handy details on daily patron traffic, inventory levels, keg aging, discount usage, preventative maintenance needs and more, all at a glance – no searches or queries needed.
  • TapVision™ Reporting Package: Offers an in-depth view of cumulative operational and consumption data, consumer demographics and pricing information that can be sliced and diced as needed to build helpful graphics and reports to assist operators when making decisions on labor, special promotions, product choices and pricing.

“We recognized that we reached a point with the GEN 3 system where we had a solid understanding of areas that could be improved” says Darren Nicholson, Vice President of iPourIt, Inc. “As we developed GEN 4, we worked with operator partners to test, debug and improve the system until we felt confident that it was ready for full release to the market.”

iPourIt saw a record month for new installs during July and operator partners who have been running the new GEN 4 system have been providing helpful feedback on the new functionality and are very pleased with the improvements.  

A GEN 4 platform was installed earlier this year at Pour Taproom’s Atlanta, GA location, owned by Ramon Ballester and Jon Kim. Ballester shares, “After operating another self-pour system for a year, we chose to upgrade to the iPourIt GEN 4 platform at our flagship location in Atlanta.  We couldn’t be more impressed with the versatility and reliability.  The locally hosted network operates without delay, even when our high-volume taproom is the busiest. iPourIt’s 24/7 support team has direct access to our system and can diagnose and repair any issues remotely, allowing us to keep pouring without interruption.  We have access to reports on real-time inventory and customer demographic data and the push updates have our system operating better today than when we installed it.  We’re excited to incorporate this technology in our upcoming projects over the next few months.”

For complete details on the GEN 4 platform, please visit iPourItInc.com/gen4. To learn more about iPourIt self-pour beverage dispense technology, contact (949) 270-0556 or sales@iPourIt.com. Find an iPourIt location near you at iPourItInc.com.

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