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iPourIt, Inc. Introduces the World’s First Business Intelligence Platform for the Self-Pour Market

TapVision™ leverages unparalleled consumer data accumulated from iPourIt self-serve beverage dispense operations to provide powerful operational insights and reports

Since its inception in 2012, iPourIt has been America’s leading provider of self-pour beverage dispense technology. The company announced the next chapter in its evolution today with the launch of TapVision™, a new data-driven business intelligence platform designed for self-pour operators.

iPourIt technology allows customers to pour beer, wine, seltzers and more from RFID-activated taps, automatically tracking their tab as they go. As customers use the system, iPourIt SMARTS Technology collects anonymous data and demographics for each pour to offer operators a real-time overview of current inventory, keg aging, patron traffic, maintenance needs and more.

“Since TapVision™ is the first and only business intelligence tool for the self-pour market, today’s launch is extremely exciting for us, our customers and the markets we serve, ” says Darren Nicholson, VP of Sales & Marketing at iPourIt. “Data has always been a big differentiator for our brand and we can now empower iPourIt operators with valuable, easy-to-access insights into their self-pour business and customer preferences.” 

A web-based portal available to iPourIt operators, TapVision™offers an array of helpful preset and customizable reports on the following:

  • Patron traffic by age or gender – measured by month, day or hour
  • Average spend and ounces sold per customer
  • Volumes of  beverage styles and specific products sold
  • Gross revenue and revenue of products sold by hour, day or month and gender

Carl Mostert, CEO at iPourIt shares, “This is just the beginning of new developments coming for iPourIt and SMARTS Technology. We are proud to be a resource to our operator partners and to be able to use our data and self-pour expertise to create tools that will help them better understand their customers and be more successful in their business.”

For complete details on the TapVision™ platform, visit iPourItInc.com/tapvision. To learn more about iPourIt self-pour beverage dispense technology, contact us at (949) 270-0556 or sales@iPourIt.com.

About iPourIt, Inc.
iPourIt, Inc. is the nation’s leader in self-pour beverage dispense technology with more than 6,000 taps installed, over 190 million ounces poured and 224 locations operating. Its team of experts partners with hospitality operators and entrepreneurs to create fun and interactive self-serve experiences for beer, wine, seltzer, spirits and more. iPourIt technology is proven to reduce labor and waste, while enhancing customer satisfaction and driving increased profitability. Learn more at iPourItInc.com.

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