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iPourIt has invested in tools to provide further assistance in creating brand awareness, increasing foot traffic and, ultimately, improving profits.

As an iPourIt partner and operator, one of the many valuable features we provide is our PR & Marketing Program. Correctly implementing the self-serve concept and properly introducing it to consumers is essential to the success of the self-serve market and iPourIt. Therefore, iPourIt is continuously enhancing and updating our technology and features to help drive your success.

In 2018, iPourIt added Marketing and PR as an iPourIt-exclusive feature. We’ve invested in tools to provide further assistance in creating brand awareness, increasing foot traffic and, ultimately, improving profits. You gain contact with relevant influencers in your area, media attention with a published pressed release, and social media best practices and partnership opportunities. 

Learn more information on iPourIt’s PR & Marketing Program below.


iPourIt is the only company in the market to offer this feature. We invest in a tool that provides us with a database of influencers, including journalists, bloggers, reporters, radio personalities, editors, etc. If you’re looking for the appropriate channel to promote your company events or updates, this list is key to getting in contact with the right people. Our Marketing Specialist drills down the list to give you relevant information including location, beats, roles, email addresses, phone numbers, and sources.

iPourIt saves you time and money by creating a contact list of craft beer and food & beverage influencers in your area.

Published Press Release

iPourIt’s Marketing Specialist works with our operators prior to the self-serve beer wall install and prior to opening to write up a press release. This press release announces the partnership between iPourIt and the operator, focusing on the operator’s concept and self-serve technology. iPourIt and the operator collaborate to release the appropriate information desired by both parties.

As another iPourIt-exclusive feature, sharing this press release with influencers, our website visitors, and our social media followers creates some buzz around your location, the self-serve concept, and iPourIt’s beverage dispense technology.

PR Outreach & Follow Up

Once the press release is approved and finalized, iPourIt sends it out to the shared list of relevant influencers in your area. This stage of the process promotes your business while saving you time. With PR outreach, an essential step includes following up with influencers. Journalists receive hundreds of pitches each week. Therefore, if your media outreach isn’t consistent, you may get lost in the crowd.

iPourIt does the work for you and gets your business in front of the crowd, gaining media and public attention.

Social Media Best Practices & Partnerships

Promoting your business prior to opening is essential. However, continuing your marketing and digital marketing is also important for your success. If you’re not on social media, you’re missing out on a huge demographic. Social Media Marketing isn’t easy for everyone and it takes time. We suggest assigning an employee who is physically at your business on a regular basis and who you trust to share your message with the general public. However, iPourIt can help. We provide you with guidance on social media and offer best practices.

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We also share our operators’ posts on a regular basis, engage with your social media accounts, and get you in contact with influencers who are interested in sponsored posts and promotion opportunities.

As part of our partnership, iPourIt sells you. If you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed. It’s also important to us to build a positive reputation and gain positive reviews about the self-serve concept as a whole. If you’re interested in partnering with iPourIt and sharing the fun and unique experience self-serve has to offer, contact us here!

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