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Learn how iPourIt technology can help you prevent patron over-consumption. 

As an owner of a business that serves alcohol, you are always looking to grow sales and have a robust bar business. However, it’s important to be familiar with all the laws and liabilities that come with it. A common concern in the bar industry is over-consumption, especially with a self-serve concept. However,  with iPourIt technology, it doesn’t have to be.

“If patrons are pouring their own drinks, how can we prevent them from drinking too much?”

Many bars limit the types of alcoholic drinks served and the number of drinks a person can order. IPourIt’s technology has a similar feature. Our technology allows the operator to oversee and take control of how much a patron drinks.

Once a customer checks in with their ID and opens a tab, they are given a personal RFID device. This ensures that each customer is limited to 32 ounces of beer. This measurement can also be converted into wine. For instance, one ounce of beer is equivalent to 3.3 ounces of wine. Once the customer pours 32 ounces, they must go to the Management Work Station to pour more. They have to talk to a  Beer Ambassador to open the account correlated with the RFID device for additional ounces.

This feature gives your Beer Ambassadors an awareness that many bars and restaurants fail to see. The Management Work Station screens show the number of ounces poured, the products poured, and the ABV of each product poured. From this data and human interaction, Beer Ambassadors objectively decide if the patron should be cut off or if they can pour more. As a typical bar gets busy, it is difficult for employees to keep tabs on how much each customer is drinking or what they’re drinking. With iPourIt technology, the operator is more aware of customers’ consumption, and with a manager’s key, a patron can pour additional ounces at any tap screen.

How is this feature different from our competitors?

Many of our competitors do not have the option of an RFID wristband. They provide an RFID card that must be placed on the beer wall while the patron is pouring. This is a cause for concern due to people accidentally leaving the card, losing the card, or getting it stolen. iPourIt’s RFID wristband is securely attached to the patron, so there is no question of who poured the ounces and no concern for the RFID device getting lost.

Beer Ambassador education is still important.

Even with iPourIt technology, having educated Beer Ambassadors who have knowledge of alcohol responsibility and the ability to identify a customer that has over-consumed alcohol is still important. If a patron has too much to drink, any employee can shut off their RFID device from the check-in/check-out station.

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