RFID Brews Up Valuable Beer Data for Restaurant

iPourIt's RFID

iPourIt’s RFID-based data and self-serve beer wall help increase beer sales at Oak & Stone.

The average amount of overall sales from beer is three percent. With iPourIt’s RFID technology and self-serve beer wall, Oak & Stone estimates that 25 percent of its sales are from beer. The technology provides valuable consumer insight, making it easier to serve their specific clientele. 

Oak & Stone provides patrons with self-serve capability while collecting data that includes demographics of beer and ciders drinkers, including age, gender, and residential area. RFID Journal, the world’s leading source of RFID news and information, and Hospitality Technology, a resource exclusively dedicated to helping both hotel and restaurant operators improve the performance of their businesses, recognize the value in iPourIt’s RFID technology with the articles below. 

To learn more about how our RFID technology brews up valuable data for restaurants, click the link below. 

READ: RFID Brews Up Valuable Beer Data for Restaurant and RFID Empowers Customers to Self-Serve Beer

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