iPourIt’s Turn-Key Self-Pour Kiosks Drive New Beverage Service Opportunities for Businesses

iPourIt 8 Tap Kiosk Systen

iPourIt kiosks instantly transform beverage service operations, boosting profitability and customer satisfaction

LAKE FOREST, CALIFORNIA (May 1, 2024) – iPourIt, Inc., a leading provider of self-pour beverage systems, is proud to introduce the latest advancement in beverage service technology with its new lineup of plug-and-play self-pour kiosks, now featuring sophisticated 10-inch interactive tap screens. The innovative automated kiosks are designed to transform any space into a dynamic and profitable beverage station, seamlessly combining convenience, efficiency, and entertainment.

The iPourIt self-pour kiosk is a comprehensive service solution that acts as the brains behind the beverage operations. Powered by proprietary, in-house developed software, iPourIt kiosks offer a wealth of exclusive data and actionable insights that propel business operations while ensuring an engaging, user-friendly customer experience.

Key business benefits include:

  • Labor cost savings: Automated beverage service and inventory tracking significantly reduce staffing needs, allowing for more efficient operations and reduced overhead costs.
  • Enhanced customer experience: Self-pour technology provides a convenient, interactive way for customers to explore a variety of beverages, enhancing overall satisfaction and driving loyalty.
  • Increased revenue opportunities: Kiosks serve as a direct revenue generator where customers pay as they pour, suitable for various settings including entertainment venues, hotels, and clubs.
  • Waste reduction: iPourIt’s intuitive management technology tracks every ounce poured, helping to minimize product waste.

The versatility of the self-pour kiosks means they can be integrated as a premium amenity, incorporated into loyalty programs, or used as a direct paid service, making them a perfect fit for a wide range of markets from hospitality, restaurants, and luxury living communities to member clubs and beyond.


“Our vision was to create more than just a product; we wanted to develop a transformative tool that could adapt and evolve with our clients’ needs. This new kiosk represents a significant step forward in making beverage service both a spectacular feature and a practical solution for business owners looking to enhance customer experience and operational efficiency,” said Chris Braun, CEO of iPourIt.

iPourIt self-pour kiosks are now available in a 4-tap, 6-tap, or 8-tap model. Businesses interested in integrating the new technology can discover more about the kiosk models and features, and purchase the systems at iPourItinc.com/kiosks.

Contact iPourIt at (949) 270-0556 or sales@ipourit.com to explore the possibilities and learn more about how self-pour beverage kiosks can become a pivotal part of your business growth.

About iPourIt, Inc.
iPourIt, Inc. is North America’s leading provider of self-serve draft beverage technology with more than 8,800 taps installed, over 370 million ounces poured, and approaching 400 locations in operation. Our automated tap wall technology is designed for trailblazers looking to drive growth, outsmart the competition, and deliver a service experience that’s great—without the wait. iPourIt self-pour tap wall systems help simplify staffing needs, increase beverage sales, control costs, and enhance customer experience using sophisticated technology, detailed analytics, and industry-best support. In every aspect of our business, we tap into tech to help your profits flow.

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