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Laguna Beach Adds a “Slice” of Self-Serve Beer and Wine

Slice Pizza Self-Serve taps

Laguna Beach local resident and business owner opens Slice Pizza and Beer, a gourmet pizza restaurant, featuring 18 iPourIt self-serve taps

 Cary Redfearn, the owner of locals’ favorite, “Lumberyard” in downtown Laguna Beach, opened a new concept directly across the street just last week. Slice Pizza and Beer sets itself apart from other fast-casual concepts by being an inexpensive and healthy “grab-and-go” concept designed with Laguna locals and their families in mind.

Choice is what Slice is all about. Patrons plan their own eating experience from top to bottom – starting from pizza dough, then pizza toppings, salad ingredients and finally, the beverages. To enhance the patron experience even more, Slice’s 18 iPourIt self-serve taps offer a variety of local and national craft beer and wines for patrons to pour and enjoy. Click the link below to experience Slice Pizza and Beer; from check-in to check-out.

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