iPourIt Installs Self-Serve Beer Wall in Eighth LemonShark Poké Location

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LemonShark Poké, a fast casual poké franchise, plans to open a new location with self-serve taps in Wheaton, Ill.

WHEATON, ILL. – February 11, 2019 – iPourIt increases its lead in the market with the installation of a 5-tap self-pour beer wall at LemonShark Poké in Wheaton, Illinois.

LemonShark Poké is a fast casual, premium franchise that offers extraordinary service and a comprehensive food selection. Patrons can choose from their Signature Bowls or build their own. The variety of high-quality ingredients and the customized experience is complementary with iPourIt’s self-serve technology. The 5-tap self-pour tap wall will feature a rotating selection of local craft beers. It will be the first self-pour tap system of its kind in the city of Wheaton.

iPourIt and LemonShark Poké partner together to give patrons total control over their drinking and dining experience. The pour-your-own concept allows patrons to pour their own beverage and try a specialized offering of their choosing without having to purchase an entire pint. This will be the eighth LemonShark location to incorporate iPourIt’s self-serve beer wall.

Darren Nicholson, Vice President of iPourIt, says, “As iPourIt continues our partnership with LemonShark Poké, we are excited to bring the self-serve concept to Wheaton. Our multi-unit operators, like LemonShark Poké, are really a testament to iPourIt’s innovative and profitable technology. Paired with LemonShark’s successful business model, high quality ingredients, and superior customer service, the two businesses are sure to grow and to bring a unique experience to patrons.”

Tobi Miller, LemonShark Poké President and Co-founder, adds, “We are excited to bring not only great food to the Wheaton community, but also the option to experience many fine beers thanks to our partnership with iPourIt.”

The Wheaton location will open this month, February 2019.  Please check the Facebook page for updates on the stores opening.

About iPourIt, Inc.

iPourIt, Inc. is North America’s leader in self-serve beverage dispense technology with over 150 locations installed and operating, over 100 million ounces poured, and more than 4,000 taps installed. iPourIt partners with operators to provide an interactive, on-premise, self-service beer & wine experience promoting consumer choice and sampling. The technology has proven to increase revenue and drive profitability through higher space utilization and lower operating costs for clients while enhancing customer satisfaction. Learn more at https://ipouritinc.com.

About LemonShark Poké 

LemonShark Poké is a fast casual, premium poké franchise that serves locally-crafted poké. LemonShark’s mission is for sushi lovers and health-conscious consumers who seek a premium product, LemonShark Poké serves only the finest-quality ingredients in refined environments for a great value. Unlike other poké concepts, LemonShark Poké provides a combination of extraordinary service, a comprehensive food selection and a tight family community. LemonShark Poké is named after the Lemon Shark, a social species that hunts only on the finest quality of fish. The Lemon Shark looks for healthy, mature fish to prey on. Inspired by the discerning Lemon Shark, LemonShark Poké creates poké with only the finest line-caught fish available that is certified dolphin, sea turtle and sea mammal safe. LemonShark differs from other poké restaurants in that it offers a premium product and environment. Each location is spacious, inviting customers to sit and enjoy their meal, rather than grab and go.


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