The iPourIt system is well-suited for breweries, restaurants, event spaces, grocery stores, casinos, and more. When a business utilizes our service–brewing, it leaves more time to focus on customer service and other essential business factors. iPourIt locations are widely available so that consumers are able to embrace the convenience and novelty of the iPourIt system no matter where they are.

Diversity of Clients

The client portfolio of iPourIt is significantly diverse–breweries, apartment complexes, event spaces, and casinos all benefit from the iPourIt system. 

Let’s break down the specific benefits:


Brewery taprooms benefit from the iPourIt system because customers usually enter looking to try various brews. Customers are able to try, test, and taste beers as they please, all without hurting your bottom line. Utilizing a self-pour system, you streamline service, and brewing becomes your primary focus.


The world of casual dining has expanded exponentially in the last decade. Diners are looking for an experience somewhere in between fast food and a full-service restaurant. A self-pour system allows customers to choose exactly how much of their beverage they want. According to our data, an average fast-casual restaurant drives 5% of its revenue from beer and wine sales. In contrast, iPourIt fast casual operators see an average of an 8%-12% alcohol yield to food sales.


Gone are the days of basic offices and bare minimum apartment complexes. These days, spaces are filled with amenities that keep their inhabitants happy, productive, and more likely to stay. Whether you’re at the office, a resort, or even home–people love having the option to pour themselves a cold one.

Grocery Stores

According to Nielson data, 70% of consumers will grocery shop online. So, how will stores keep customers coming in person? Making a grocery store an iPourIt location will draw in new customers and increase sales at no additional cost.

The iPourIt system is versatile and convenient, increasing profits, widening the customer base, and decreasing product waste. Contact us to speak to an iPourIt expert and get a free quote today.