A New Concept in Maplewood Invites You To Be The Bartender


Local craft beer and pizza… We’ll be right there!

Tapped, a bar and restaurant focused on fast casual pizza and local craft beers, will be the first of it’s kind in Maplewood. The newly renovated location will feature 48 self-service taps: 40 taps will feature craft beer, ciders, and nitro coffee; 8 others will be dedicated to wine. According to the owner, Ryan Reel, Tapped’s beer program will be centered on local breweries. “Our focus is putting the craft beers next to each other so you can come to one location and be able to try a bunch of different things,” he said, but also mentioning that beers from other craft breweries around the country may eventually be added. Click the link below to read St. Louis Magazine’s coverage of Tapped’s opening.

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