OC Tech Alliance High-Tech Innovation Awarded to iPourIt

OC Tech Alliance High-Tech Innovation Awards

OC Tech Alliance High-Tech Innovation Awards, now in its 23rd year, has recognized more than 450 innovators, executives and companies. iPourIt was awarded the award for “Enterprise Software” for our self-serve system in 2015.


“iPourIt’s participation in the High-Tech Innovation Awards was a wonderful experience for a number of reasons.  First and foremost, it exposed iPourIt to a broad range of technologists who are involved in driving innovation and investment in Orange County.  Orange County’s ability to attract and foster companies is highly dependent on building a community that can serve as the foundation for a broad range of disciplines.  Doing the work is not enough – innovation in a vacuum, without the ability to learn from others and, hopefully, be a resource for others is also necessary.  iPourIt certainly benefited from the experience of participants as well as sponsors and we would be proud to be a resource in the future.  In addition, the process helps refine your message in a non-commercial format to highlight current achievements and future plans, which fosters focus internally.”

Joseph G. McCarthy, Co-founder, iPourIt, inc.

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