Opening A Self Serve Bar With Brewport Tap House

opening a self serve bar

Brewport Tap House and Kitchen takes you through the full experience of opening a self-serve beer and wine establishment.

Ever wondered what is required out of opening a self serve bar? Take a minute to watch our client, Brewport Tap House and Kitchen, build their self-serve dream from start to finish.The video will take you through the experience of posting notice, to designing, to building out, to purchasing and then finally opening their doors. We truly enjoyed being involved in the entire process and helping Brewport develop this awesome location!



About Brewport Tap House & Kitchen

Located at the site of the former El Segundo Post Office, Brewport features a revolutionary gustatory experience, leveraging technology that allows patrons to access and pour their own beer and wine by the ounce. Featuring extensive seasonal craft beer and wine offerings (as well as non-alcoholic beverages), the self-serve format encourages experimentation – prompting patrons to broaden their horizons and try new selections they might otherwise never experience. Brewport features a 60 tap craft beer, wine and Kombucha wall, curated by their own Cicerone®-certified Gina Traber. As their beer and wine menu varies, so too will our culinary offerings, encouraging sampling, and ultimately pairing.

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