Pizza Factory Now Offers Self-Serve Craft Beer

Pizza Factory Self-Serve Craft Beer

The Pizza Factory in Turlock, CA is celebrating 8 years of successful operations with a new addition for patrons to enjoy.

What’s better than enjoying a game at your favorite pizza spot with some friends and ice cold beer? Never waiting in line to keep the beer flowing.

Since its opening in November 2009, Pizza Factory has provided the city of Turlock with a place to indulge in handcrafted pizzas, calzones, pastas and salads within a family-oriented and sports-loving atmosphere. After 8 years of successful operations, Pizza Factory has upgraded the patron experience with a 10-tap self-serve system, allowing customers to enjoy pizza, beer and sports without the interruption of waiting in line.

“For the most part, people love it. On busy nights when you don’t want to wait for the staff or stand in line to get another beer, you just stand up and pour your own,” Said Brent Jonson, Owner of Pizza Factory. “From a business standpoint, I’m wasting less beer. From a personal standpoint, it’s just cool! It’s awesome to go up there, look at 10 beers and say, ‘Hey I could choose any one of these.’ It’s awesome, and it’s part of why I wanted to do this.” Click the link below to read more about the new self-serve addition at Pizza Factory.

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