How to Plan Your Next Beercation: World’s Best Beer Cities [Infographic]


Couponbox shows you where to get the most beer and the best food for your money while on vacation

As craft beer continues to gain popularity around the world, deciding where to take your next beercation can get pretty tricky. That’s why Couponbox created this infographic, “It’s Beer O’Clock Somewhere,” providing beer drinkers and travel fanatics with a comprehensive cost-guide to 32 of the world’s best beer cities.

What makes a beer city? To come to these helpful conclusions—like what the most expensive beer city in the world is, where to find the cheapest beer on the planet, or the top five cities for affordable brews in the U.S.—Couponbox averaged the cost of dinner for two, a hotel stay and four 12 oz domestic brews per person in each location.

Beer prices were determined by averaging the price of draft and bottled beers at bars and supermarkets (data via numbeo.com); dinner costs were calculated based on research conducted for popular restaurants qualifying as either brewpubs or beer-centric; and hotel prices were based on hotels.com searches for three-star hotels, breakfast included.

The findings in this study may truly surprise you:

Did you know that Boston is the most expensive beer city in the world?

That eating dinner at a Tokyo brewpub is the most affordable dinner out of all the beer cities?

How about that in Hanoi, Vietnam, a 12 oz beer costs 53 cents?

Whether you’re looking to travel to get more beer for less, or you’d just like to get a cost estimate to start budgeting for your next vacation, check out the infographic below.

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