Automatic Drink Pourer Platform

iPourIt’s automatic drink pourer is much more than a tap system. The platform utilizes helpful tools like our cloud-based business intelligence platform, TapVision. And we offer convenient and flexible solutions, like our kiosk system. The versatile and intelligent features of the iPourIt automatic pouring system make us an industry leader in the beverage industry.


With our TapVision platform, you can use consumer data to make smart choices and boost your business.

TapVision does this by:

  • Retrieving, analyzing, and sharing the data from your location based on customizable options
  • Identifying the correlations in the data to help you make informed decisions about day-to-day operations
  • Zeroing in on preferences and customer favorites 

An excellent bartender knows what a customer will order before they even say anything. When you utilize TapVision, you’re doing precisely that–using data to ‘read the minds’ of your customers.

Self-Pour Kiosk System

iPourIt offers a flexible option for venues that may only want to commit to a more flexible draft system. This stand-alone, plug-and-play self-pour kiosk system is ideal for fast-casual restaurants, concert venues, event spaces, sports arenas, and more.

These compact and self-contained automatic drink pourer units don’t require additional construction or refrigeration, and the modular design allows the units to be mobile for various setups.

Why Choose iPourIt?

There are multiple automatic pouring systems on the market. Why should you choose iPourIt? We boast a user-friendly design, excellent customer service, the most advanced technology, incomparable data and data analysis, and the best value for a business. We also have a growing list of third-party integrations so that we can blend seamlessly into your business. Ready to learn more about our automatic drink pourer self-pour system? Contact us for more information and a free quote.