Pour Profits: Millennial Consumers

Millennial Beer Drinker

Quenching the Millennial consumer’s thirst for adult beverages can build traffic, sales and loyalty for your restaurant, but success requires an understanding of the demographic’s quirks.

Donna Hood Crecca explains to the National Restaurant Association how restaurant operators can attract and satisfy a generation who’s knowledgeable about food and beverage, demanding of the experience and also looking for value and attractive pricing. Today, we’ve termed this generation as “Millennial.”Millenial Consumers

Donna’s approach to capitalizing on the Millennial generation is broken into five different ways. To sumup her approach, she identified that bars and restaurants should:

  • Offer a variety of beer and wine.
  • Ensure that all service staff can speak to the flavor profiles and origin of the variety of beer and wine because Millennials have a quick learning curve, and value these details.
  • Offer a broad range of flavor profiles when selecting the types of beer and wine to sell.
  • Showcase what’s new at the location.
  • Do all of this at an attractive price.

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If you’re searching for a great way to attract this generation, while leaving them satisfied, then look no more! The iPourIt Self-Serve Beverage Dispense Technology allows restaurants to offer a variety of beer and wine, while ensuring that your customers learn about the beverage they are drinking.

Millennial Consumers

Each iPourIt tap highlights a particular beer’s name, brewer, description, IBU and ABV. This allows a single location to offer a broad range of beer and wines and showcase their selection on our beautiful tap screens. Data derived from your iPourIt system can also be used for marketing and promotional programs to create customer loyalty.

Above all, each beverage is charged by the 1/10th of the ounce, allowing this uniquely exciting experience to be offered at an attractive price, while increasing the average check size. How? The average user of a self-serve system pours approximately 4.7 ounces per pour, about 5.5 times per visit. Using the average price per ounce, the check size equal $14.35 per person for beer/wine alone!

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