Bowling Green restaurant to be first in Ohio with self-pour beer

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Bowling Green is gaining the first and only self-serve beer wall in the state of Ohio with Rapid Fired Pizza.

Self-serve beer is a new concept in the state of Ohio. Rapid Fired Pizza, a fast-casual pizzeria, is the first to implement the concept. The new Bowling Green location will be the first restaurant to install the iPourIt self-serve system, allowing patrons to pour their own beer. 

The pizzeria will feature 18 self-serve taps with a selection of both local and national craft beers. To learn more about the new location, click the link below!

About Rapid Fired Pizza

Rapid Fired Pizza is a fast-casual franchise restaurant featuring freshly made pizza that is ready in just 180 seconds. With over 35 fresh toppings and a dozen different sauces, patrons can customize their pizza to their liking. Customers can also make their own soft drink combinations and choose from a selection of local and regional craft beers. Check out their menu and locations on their website!

READ: Bowling Green restaurant to be first in Ohio with self-pour beer

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