You Can Drink Booze & Play Archery Tag At This Massive Action Bar In Charlotte

self pour beer coliseum v

When you spend hours at this action bar with self-pour beer, don’t blame us. Visit Coliseum V in Charlotte, North Carolina.

*Originally published on Narcity by Megan Manning

When the weekend comes around, it’s always a back and forth battle of what you want to do, especially if you feel like you’ve done it all. There is one spot in Charlotte that offers a new experience every time you visit, and it’s a bar, too. If you’re looking for things to do in Charlotte, this action bar is the place for you and your friends.

Coliseum V opened back in September, so it is still relatively new and if you haven’t had the chance to experience it, you need to run, not walk there. It’s like an adult playground, which is something we can all get behind. 

You can drink, eat and play at this spot and you can really just feel like a kid again. This bar/lounge/arena is a massive 13,000-square-feet and filled with fun. 

This warehouse has all different types of areas. You can choose to start at the bar/lounge, action field or at one of the virtual reality bays. We suggest starting at the bar because it will make the games that much more exciting. 

When at the bar/lounge, you have the luxury of picking from 72 Hoppin’-style self-pour taps, pre-mixed cocktails, beer, wine, champagne and non-alcoholic beverages. The choices are endless.

When you walk in, you can’t help but notice the huge astroturf field right in the middle of the warehouse. This is the action field where you’ll play laser tag and archery tag, if you so choose.

You can also watch others play while you sit on the double-decker bus that overlooks the field with self-pour machines. 

There are also 22 virtual reality booths that offer different experiences. Try this after a few beers, it’ll be a blast we promise.

The best part is that you and all your friends can all get different booths and play in the same VR game together.  While you’re in the neighborhood, you should stop by some of these hidden bars in Charlotte that will not disappoint and you can end the night by getting some late-night tacos from this spot that has over 20 types of tacos

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