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Self-Pour Kiosk Tap Systems

iPourIt Self-Pour Kiosk Tap Systems

Automated self-pour kiosk systems that grow your bottom line and drive additive. Incremental revenue that you can’t get with advertising and marketing.

Our stand-alone self-pour tap systems are designed to make it simple and easy to serve draft beer, wine, mixed drinks, and more. The turn-key multi-tap kiosks create an additional revenue stream with no construction or additional labor required. iPourIt kiosks include all of the components of a self-pour tap wall in one streamlined unit—perfect for both new and existing businesses, from fast casual dining concepts to entertainment venues, and beyond.
  • Compact self-contained refrigerated units
  • Quick setup, no construction or built-in cooler needed
  • True temperature-controlled system
  • Tap-to-activate wristband tech
  • Superior reporting & data analytics
  • Mobile for flexible use in a variety of spaces
  • Modular design — easily add & expand

Self-Pour Benefits

Instant Revenue Generator

No Additional Labor or 
Trained Bartender Needed

High Service Capacity, 
Minimal Wait Time

No Keg Waste—
Charge for Every Ounce

Beverage service made better

iPourIt’s self-pour tap systems cut down on operating costs and product waste while enhancing customer experience, offering a convenient and unique way for customers to enjoy their favorite beverages and discover new ones. Customers can explore and pour on their own without waiting for service, and businesses can streamline operations with handy management tools like real-time inventory tracking, unmatched consumer data, and more.

Perfect for any space

iPourIt multi-tap kiosk systems are designed to fit in a variety of spaces, including fast-casual restaurants, breweries, entertainment venues, hotels, and luxe living communities. The modular design makes expansion easy, so your system can grow along with your business.

Plug and pour

iPourIt kiosks offer all of the benefits of a custom self-pour tap system, but with no construction or built-in cooler required. The systems are completely self-contained—all you need is gas, power, and internet access. An iPourIt-trained technician will be onsite to perform the installation, set up and testing so it’s quick and easy to get started.

Self-Pour Kiosk Line-up

4-Tap System

59-inch system
2 tap screens

6-Tap System

69-inch system
3 tap screens

8-Tap System

79-inch system
4 tap screens

What's Included

Beverage Dispense System

  • Refrigeration unit
  • Towers with taps
  • Line equipment
  • Regulators

Self-pour Hardware + Software

  • Management Work Station
  • Check-In Station components
    (RFID scanner, ID scanner, printer)
  • Tap Screens with RFID readers
  • Networking components
  • Flow Meter Valve assemblies
  • TapVision reporting platform

Installation + Set-Up

  • Trained technician on-site
  • Assembly of all components
  • Beverage dispense set-up
  • Self-pour technology installation
  • Network and software configuration
  • Pour-ready system testing


  • Gas – CO₂ and/or Nitrogen
  • Optional Gas/Electrical Cabinet
    (Holds [2] 10 lb. gas tanks)
  • RFIDs – wristbands, cards, key fobs
  • Monthly Subscription Fee
    (4-Tap: $120, 6-Tap: $140, 8-Tap: $160)
  • Freight – from Pennsylvania
  • Taxes (California Sales Tax)

Turn-Around Time: 6 to 8 weeks from time of deposit.

Kiosk System Specs

Unit Depth: 29″     Counter Height with Casters: 39.125”     Total Height with Towers: 53.125”

Width: 59.5″     Width with Cabinet: 73.5″

Width: 69.5″     Width with Cabinet: 83.5″

Width: 80″     Width with Cabinet: 94″

Width: 95.5″     Width with Cabinet: 109.5″

Please note: Different variations of keg sizes can be used in these units—these are just examples of some of the configurations



CO₂ for beer, 
Nitrogen for wine


Kiosk: 20 amp/115 V circuit Check-in: full-load plug-in


Internet - CAT 5/
ethernet connection


Regular draft system service 
and cleaning every month

Financing is available

Call us at (949) 270-0556 to get started.

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