iPourIt’s Self-Pour Mobile App

iPourIt’s self-serve beer system is even more convenient for customers with just a tap of their phones. The unique app pairs with the iPourIt self-serve platform to enhance the experience of the self-pour technology for customers and operators. Our self-pour app technology shortens check-in and check-out, helps customers track their favorites, minimizes surface contact, and always knows when their favorite brew is on tap. The iPourIt mobile app streamlines the experience even more for customers, from their first pour to reaching regular status.


The iPourIt self-pour mobile app features are designed to enhance and simplify the experience for customers and operators. These features include:

Personalized QR Code
The iPourIt mobile app allows customers to utilize a personalized QR code for easy check-in and check-out. No more waiting a long time in a fast-casual restaurant line to pay a bill!
Keep Track of Your Favorites
The mobile app allows customers to keep track of their favorite drafts, know when something is on draft, and keep track of favorites by rating and reviewing drafts (which also provides helpful insight for operators).
Look Into The Future
Customers may also submit wish lists, learn about future events, keep on top of future tappings, and more with the iPourIt mobile app.

These are just a few of the useful features the iPourIt self-pour app technology utilizes to enhance the experience of both operators and customers. Operators customize the mobile app’s offerings to suit their business’s needs best, and customers rely on their favorite features to always know when their favorite drinks are on tap.

Leading The Beverage Industry

iPourIt has led the beverage industry with its self-serve beer system and now its unique self-pour mobile app. The industry has needed to adapt to considerable changes in recent years, and iPourIt has been there to meet those challenges head-on. Contact the iPourIt experts to learn more and get a free quote.