Self-Pour Pro Tips: Boost Brand Loyalty with Membership Programs

iPourIt tech makes it super easy to create and manage self-pour membership programs that reward loyal customers with special discounts and benefits.

Use the specially designed memberships feature to build highly-customized, engaging membership programs to help promote brand loyalty and encourage repeat business. The best part—it’s all automated so you can set the terms and let the system manage the rest.

Memberships are tied to each guest’s unique driver’s license for easy tracking. Whenever the guest checks in with their driver’s license, they’ll automatically receive the benefits during their visit. 

Choose to set up a membership for auto-enrollment or expiration, auto-remove guests under certain conditions, get notified by the system when members check in, and more.

Types of memberships

→ Mug Club
Guests can buy into the membership and receive the discount of your choice

Example: The customer pays a $50 subscription fee and receives a 20% discount on all pours for 6 months.

→ Ounce Club
Guests get a discount on all future pours once they reach a certain number of total ounces poured (lifetime)

Example: After pouring 500 ounces, the customer receives a 5% discount and after pouring 1,000 ounces, they receive a 10% discount.

→ Monthly Club
Guests pay a monthly fee for a subscription-based membership that allows them to pour a certain number of ounces each day

Example: The customer pays a $100 fee each month for the ability to pour up to 16 oz each day.

Operator memberships

Whistle and Keg (Cleveland, Columbus, and Youngstown, OH)
Monthly Club—A monthly subscription-based membership that works like the “Netflix of Beer.” Guests can buy a monthly subscription with the choice between 3 different tiers. After subscribing they are granted the ability to pour a number of free ounces every day.

Draft Society Taproom (Augusta, GA)
Ounce Club—An ounce club membership called “Froth Scouts.” Guests are automatically enrolled in different membership tiers as soon as they pour 2500 and 5000 total ounces. Once enrolled, guests automatically receive the discount associated with their membership tier.

Whistle & Keg (Celeveland, OH)
Draft Society (Augusta, GA)

Membership features

Ounces to auto-enroll: Set a number of ounces for membership auto-enrollment. Once a patron hits the required number of ounces poured, they will automatically be enrolled in the selected membership upon their next check-in.

Ounces per day: Set a daily total for free ounces included with a Membership. Any additional ounces poured will be charged at the per ounce price.

Notify on check-in: A message pops up on the management workstation screen when a check is opened so you can acknowledge members upon check-in.

Days to auto-expire: Set the number of days to automatically remove an enrolled patron from a membership – useful for buy-in programs like year-long mug clubs that expire exactly 365 days from the date of purchase.

Expiration date: Set a specific date on which benefits expire – useful for annual “Season Pass” programs that expire at the end of the year, no matter which date the guest enrolls.

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